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    Inquiry: Anyone have info on this one

    girth111, Were you able to give her a try? I also have seen her ads and would like to know more. Thanks,
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    Finding the ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol i guess they missed the polar regions :P
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    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    Open to any samster: Due to de high demanding on our body to realease, cum and late nights for de past few weeks, i wish to organise an outing on ball game (NBA) to keep we guys fit and healthy in order to BONK more later...kekeke! Details are as below.... Date: 27th February 2005...
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    Asian Pussycat Dolls

    Yup.. I too think that was a bad choice allowing her to do that, unless you did the same..
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    Rate the Girl of the day.

    Not bad at all 9.5/10
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    CBD Lunch breakes

    I am new to the CBD - Can anyone tel me where I will find some lunch break sensual touches and stress relieve? Amyone to recommend?
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    Caprice at Great Pharaoh

    $150 is their all-inclusive rate for 30 minutes, full-service, non-GFE. YMMV always, quite a few of the girls have lots of restrictions.
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    Vip Salon Beaute, 5324 Queen Mary, (514) 227-3409

    Not available anymore at VIP... Called Helena so that's 100% sure. If anyone's aware if she works elsewhere, it would be very kind to share the info. Thanks! -C
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    Outcall massage chubby gal

    Mind if I tell her Ricky sent me?
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    Massage Couches

    I'm with doesn't matter how tall or strong you are, simple logic and body mechanics tell you if you're carrying the thing more than four feet, USE A CART. Otherwise you'll be making your chiropractor very wealthy with frequent adjustments, as even the lightest tables will yank your...
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    Things you do when you are home alone.

    Call telemarketers during dinner time and try to sell them insurance :666:.
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    Review: Nice times with Gabriella

    One of my favorites
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    Review: Location: Springwood Shopping Center

    Date: 4/10/2011 Provider: Anita Phone: 210-954-7092 Email Address: unk URL / Website: City: San Antonio, Texas 78201 State: Texas Address: Fredericksburg Rd...
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    Review: Yoko ONo? OMaybe? @ VIP

    Real natural C's or D's eh? I may have to check them out! Thanks for the review.
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    Review: A Foot from NSI

    Hmm, this the place as you round the corner on Fry with a very small parking lot in front?