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    Whats ur response to this????

    ........... ._. no... Just.. No.
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    (TOFTT) Alexa - blonde Russian

    Yes to all 3. Must be her. And she is completely hot. It's 45th in midtown, and she's not there everyday.
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    I really must learn to drive

    Hi Essence Have you thought of taking a single sheet to put on the persons bed instead of carrying a couch? it works for me and I do drive :-)
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    Is it wrong for me to give a married man a massage?

    The problem is that you are trespassing on another woman's life. He's her husband. You need to learn to keep your hands to yourself. You may think this is cute behavior, but it won't be so cute to lose your front teeth when the wife gets fed up with your trampy ways.
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    The Perverse Guide to Sun Signs

    thieving little vain bully ......................
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    Indian Head Massage - Practical assessment

    In my case studies the second set of 15 treatments must be done with oils. However, when you have a client, you would probably ask whether they would like you to use oils or not (some don't like it). Perhaps you can do that in your assessment and so the client decides whether you use oils...
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    Why would a man be friends with a co-worker and never introduce his wife to his

    He's a player and his wife knows it so he avoids having her suspicions aroused yet again. Get away from this guy. He's a user. Anyone who will cheat on the wife will cheat on you, too.