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  • Hi VFMonger,
    You mentioned about availability in Munirka in the 1.2 to 1.5K range. Are you able to share any contacts ? Would be most grateful.
    Thank you,
    Hello VFMonger,

    Saw your posts in the Delhi forum, am an ex Delhiite, now residing in Toronto. Good to see the city having an active mongering thread, wrote you an email. Keep up the good work!
    Dear VF Bro, I am newbie in Delhi and on delhi forum came across your encounter reports.. in case you can help me with any good high quality contact would appreciate. I am active in mumbai forum and also from mumbai. So if you need in future any good contact in mumbai would provide.
    Hey VF bro....im newbie in delhi also i am low on a budget...so looking for some cheap thrill...and i think munrika is the best palce for that...also found ur frs of munrika....so will u plz help me the contacts of munrika sps ...thanks in advance
    Hey VF I think I wrote to your email but maybe not- see you have great insights and options through time- I just shared my experience in Delhi board about a disaster trip where I made all the mistakes an expat from USA would make- want to be guided for this next trip - advice for a trainwreck like me?
    Hi VF, Travelling to delhi next week, will be happy if you can share tushars number. I dont have any delhi experience but can share a good lady who supplies in mumbai. Tried locanto but most look fake. Thanks.
    Hey brother I am from Mumbai and would be visiting Delhi for one day can u PM me the contact of Tushar and the UP chick it would be much appreciated.....thanks in advance...
    Brother me Anil from Ranchi. Silent monger from 15years in sg Kolkata.
    But no idea about Delhi. Please help.
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