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    Bollywood 40 years later!!!

    my godddddd sad mayn u are!
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    Wrong Number

    A man goes to the public bar to wait with his friends for when he finds out that he is a father. He phones the hospital and is told nothing happening yet.. Little later he phones again, still no news. He phones a bit later to be told that they are all out and the last one was a duck...
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    Newton vs Rajnikanth

    :rofl: :hilarious: Repped :lmao:
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    Gado Spa on west 36th st.

    I think the menu is pretty standard here, don't think there is much variation in mileage, but I can't speak to how any of the other girls here may look. Hiyako, , Harmoney, 59 Salon - not my personal areas of expertise but I have the impression you can get what you're looking for at 59. I had...
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    Hi Starlet and Sandra, MeridianMoon has given some great advice there, and i don't really have much to add, but i would like to give you a little tip........make sure you write up your treatment notes as soon as your client has left, that way the information is still fresh in your mind, and...
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    SJO Monkey Bar

    SJO Monkey Bar I've made the same observations, Steven.....I think you're spot on. :wink: