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    New BeiJing KTV

    No worries lah, Let's just hope NBJ can start it's operation soon, Cheers. ;)
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    Aven View HC

    Yes Bobby881, you are correct, but that was in the past.Now, she does relax her rule for regulars or whoever she chooses and will do whatever is required.
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    Century KTV at Lavender

    Ha.. ha... Interesting rating methods, bro!! But when the alcohol took effect, the rating will drop another 2 pts automatically.. Choose before the alcohol kicks-in.. Have fun... Will ask my Revieweinds to chong this or next week again.. Nice place!!
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    Asian Golden Flowers

    hombre joe i dumped a large load in daisys mouth last night for you i prefer her to a-ya. was great to see her after the 2 year absence. now with the bbbj and bare tongue rimming in the mix i was mighty happy. shes the bomb
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    New Thai massage HC at China town point 4th sty

    Hi bros Does anyone know if Ang Pai daran is still working there?
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    198 Canal Street, 3rd Floor

    Do you know the name of the place on 14th and first? 1 corner is a apartment complex, another a Pizza place, and the other two corners a restaurant and a hot dog place. I would try her out at those prices if she is really good.
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    Where do they work now?

    I seek a girl, who worked at ocean spa and mtl massage under the name of eva, julia or natasha. Someone have any new where she working now. Je recherche une masseuse qui a deja travailler chez ocean spa sur st-laurent et aussi chez Mtl massage sur decarie(downtown) elle travailait sur le nom...
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    Where do they work now?

    does anyone know where salma morrocan girl 5 4 about 130 36 ddd is working now she use to work at suite 300 then royalmount then 3 colombe then someplace on cote des neige and queen mary 514 737 3003 any help would be apprecited!!! thank you
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    Ancient Massage By Syt But No Handy Panky

    Went for a RTM session with WW yesterday. Her massage standard has not dropped and i could feel more hand strength Reviewom her for this session. She offered me something new for this time round and its Hai Di Lao Yue (HDLY) and the feeling was really great. :p Went on for the JG and HJ followed...
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    Angel Massage on Hastings and Boundary

    celine dion? right, not attractive. info on mimi... breast size, appx age, cute factor, does she give good cuddle? haven't been to this place but have heard bobbi is good too...
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    Pearl Ctr Massage

    agree with u
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    PMC 5100 De La Savane 514-738-9669

    She has white skin, I didn't notice any freckles and the uh, cuff didn't match the collar since the cuffs were shaved clean. How much? That makes it all sound so sordid! I think $80 would do the trick nicely.
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    Emily -22 cl TOFTT

    Advertised as d cup and legit i called and booked. went to another of those metrotown towers, got the behind the door from a woman who was not Emily, but some kind of young madame. She ushers me into a dirty room to wait. 5-10 mins later she moves me to another room, almost as...
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    Beyond Sonagachi

    Weel said - tarbooj katega to sab me bantega.