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    Bowling fail!!!

    ^Lmao :lmao:
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    Checking antecedents

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    Vivastreet new policy on naturist massage ads

    At last someone who understands...that a naturist massage is NOT a type of massage, I have been practising massage for over twenty years and have been a naturist for nearly forty years...I have been advertising myself as a naturist massage therapist for fifteen years as I am a it...
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    New Spot Misty Twilight Zone

    Uh-oh - just took a fresh look at the Misty Twilight home page, which now has this big red headline on top: WE WILL GOING TO CLOSE SHORTLY FOR SECURITY REASON. THANK YOU. They've also taken down fm's review from Riko's page. On other topics ... Agree on Amazing 66: at the top of its...
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    Great BBJTC...

    Talk about YMMV. :!: :!: :!: Just had a session with Lisa (JunFan's Photo #211 & 212 in MP Girls and according to her the only Lisa at ZB). Don't like to be negative but, sad to say, it was the worst session I've ever had at ZB. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: (To be fair to ZB, the...
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    How is someone on Facebook chat all day?

    I know Facebook chat doesn't have options to block people or appear invisible and it sucks becuase I've wanted to go on and chat with some friends but I can't because I'm avoiding this person that I can't just delete. It's weird becuase her name on Chat is online like 14 hours a day and it's...