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Free parking, ATM
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    New Coronavirus tracking app called COVID alert is available to download now

    The app does not track location. The API doesn’t rely on location at all.
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    Hottest manager at Seduction

    When does Amy typically work?
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    Julia & Gabby at Seduction

    There ain’t no country spelt Columbia...
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    MAE @ Flirt FInch

    No extras at all
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    Anyone remember Janet at Pure who eventually worked in the rooms as Avery. She was a fun fuck before she disappeared.
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    Finally got off Hotmail

    Who did you switch your email to?
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    MPA Q&A

    Do you ever do duos? If you do, what do you do if there is a disparity in the service levels that the two provide? Is that a source of tension?
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    Announcement Something bad went down outside Crown Spa

    Who’s the girl that fought off the machete goof?
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    Review November @ Pure

    Others who have this inflated sense of self worth Akira at Perla Anna at Perla
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    Info for Angelina - Seduction?

    Yup. She’s a smoker.
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    Any suggestions near don mill and eglinton.

    Go to Pure Spa. Very close to don mills and Eglinton.
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    Amie at Studio 9

    100% confirmed for both
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    Shina has new tits, anyone test drive?

    Scars underneath are visible. They aren’t too soft either
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    Natalia from Seduction

    Try cof if you are the last session of their shift. Most girls more willing if they don’t have another client afterwards in my experience.
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    Asian Spinner Krystal @ Seduction?