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  • Richardspayan kindly share with me massage parlours and dance bar places
    I had visited DB at hotel president thanks
    Hi friends, I would be visiting banglore for a week. Looking for some mongering experience. I am new here but would definitely let you guys know my feedback and reviews. Also would help with any contacts I get.
    can you give numbers of below

    Met a few interesting folks in last 6 months
    1. Keerthi
    2. Keerthi
    3. Sangeetha -
    4. Sangeethas cousin sis
    5. Kavitha - late 30s aunty.
    Bhai, please me. I am a frequent business traveller, but really my frds and colleagues are not into this. so dont know how to start. I know only SG in Kolkata. I can to mumbai and bangalore frequently.
    Gr8, if you can help me with direct contacts, genuine SP
    "All good things for those who wait"
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    Vineet Sharma
    we shld go along with dalal(or agent) for safety. 99% nothing will happen but for safety. they are mostly professional. i can give you number of my agent and he can help if you want. iam going next week , created some work there. let me know i can share contacts
    Vineet Sharma
    also, answering your point. yes, girls are available in sarees as well . each girl dresses differently each day. I ask the girl to change the dress incase i dont like it (but i know some of them well so it works.better you experience once and u will understand)
    Wow that was a detailed response bud and thanks for sharing numbers. You seem to know Delhi too. I love the Sahara mall bars ... dancing and doing :) .... BTW, any recommendations for bars in Gurgaon other than Sahara mall. Compared to Calcutta and Delhi, Blore is a let down I guess :)
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