1. G Guest:
  2. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    Swedish therapy with Joy. 587-402-7275 (only text) :heart4:heart4:heart4
  3. G @ Garo:
    THE MOST HAPPY MASSAGE @416 781 0088 in TORONTO the best exotica ,STRONGLY RECOMMEND :skates:skates by Maria and Mgdalena !!!
  4. G Guest:
    In Scarborough or markham
  5. G Guest:
    Need a real massage a hard one
  6. G Guest:
    Steele Royals massage
  7. G Guest:
    Tired of this quick rub u down and get you pay
  8. G Guest:
    Where the best massage place like good massage and good.ending?
  9. G Guest:
    Wow. Thanks. Any tips for BBBJ , or it includes in regular ptice
  10. G Guest:
    Moon spa does bbbj
  11. G Guest:
    Just massage? Can we get BBBJ aswell?
  12. G Guest:
    Moon spa
  13. G Guest:
    How are the leslie hwy 7 places?
  14. G Guest:
    Where is it?
  15. G Guest:
  16. G Guest:
    Any recommendations in GTA massage parlours?
  17. G Guest:
    she's working today till 6
  18. G Guest:
  19. G Guest:
    and you can tell she works out that ass
  20. G Guest:
    she's actually 20 not 19
  21. G Guest:
    yeah she does have a nice ass
  22. G Guest:
  23. G Guest:
    Anal guy
  24. G Guest:
    who is asking about fat ass?
  25. G Guest:
    Fat ass?
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