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Free parking, ATM
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    They are appear to be more submissive, which is good in bed. I find it way easier to be dominant with an asian girl than for example a black girl, or a mixed race lady. Its just a different vibe I get from Asian ladies, specially if they are foreign, some cbc girls can be same as...
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    Potential Perla COVID scare

    so u saw a girl go off schedule and you're assuming its covid 19? do u know how stupid that is? This happens routinely at every spa (girls going off schedule), look at seduction for example. Their schedule changes drastically all the time
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    QQ__SPA 25 - 10 E Wilmot 647 866-1580

    Thats true, I scroll right past those bullshit posts. Sucks that the A Hole decides to write them in such huge font. Are there any pictures of this girl? I know they post a bunch of un-named photos in this thread (very annoying), are any of them her?
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    Who tf is this bitch BigPapi?

    yep.. from what I've seen so far, his posts are so stupid it hurts to read them, if I see one more he is getting ignore listed permanently.
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    Review BEST MPA in the GTA/Surrounding areas*****2020

    If I had to pick out of the ones I have seen that are not retired: Kandice @ Flirt VP - I don't know about extras - didn't ask/try, but she ticks all the other boxes Out of the girls I haven't seen but read reviews about: Aria @ flirt - again, dont know about extras, and I haven't had a...
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    🔥 lily @ Seduction

    Old and attractive is OK, but the issue is at 30+ you can start to see signs things on their skin that you don't see on early 20 year olds. You know.. face/neck may have wrinkles or just look more loose/not as tight. Same with legs/stomach. I think, some guys are more sensitive to skin...
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    Review Milani @ Seduction

    no, you were just way off the mark with your comment (content is true, but doesn't make any sense in this thread). So i'm just pointing it out/making fun of you lol
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    Review Milani @ Seduction

    you think you're the only one that figured out that proper hygiene is important? You think you're the only one thats going in there clean and the rest of us are crawling in there after a shift at the construction site covered in sweat and dirt? And then complaining about bad service? Lol... I...
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    Tiniest girl in the game?

    I heard shina at seduction is super tiny, but recent reviews are a disaster, so make sure you read everything before you go.
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    Announcement Asian Julia @ Seduction?

    I asked on twitter and she said no kissing at all, meaning not even LK without the F. If she did kiss I would rush to the spa and book her. Still would like to see her at some point because she looks hot.
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    Sierra - Seduction Spa

    Hey, can you please comment on how accurate are the photos? I know they are at least 2 years old. My main concerns are; are boobs as big as in the photos, and is there any extra weight on her? Does she have smooth legs, like no cellulite, and flat stomach? Thanks for posting these reviews
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    Seduction Spa - a POSITIVE review

    wtf man don't take the posts down. Thats literally like taking all your work, crumpling it and throwing it in the garbage. There is so few reviewers on here, and if you take down your posts that would take off a big chunk of the contribution here. I promise you there are tons of people that read...
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    Japanese Massage

    I know thats not what you're asking, but... hush companions escort agency has a girl Yui that they are advertising as Japanese from Japan
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    Review Review: Elle @ Seduction Spa

    I'm wondering if she is still doing lfk/dfk since the re-opening? And if there are any new restrictions or is it the same as before? Can you please let us know how it goes?
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    INDIAN sex ring underground

    I haven't sent a PM, but I sincerely hope you take the time to read and reply to everyone that has reached out. I think most of us will agree, we want more information. This is a very interesting story and it feels like we just read the 1st chapter, not the whole book. So, either you can go...