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    Review Review: Elle @ Seduction Spa

    and vivid spa... and hands from heavven of all places... And there are probably more which I haven't seen. But I would literally see her photos everywhere and she would change spas like every couple of weeks. Thats a sign that something is wrong, which one of the reasons why I stayed away...
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    Stacie @ Seduction Spa

    look at her profile: Profile Ethnicity Stacie I know its a typo but WOW
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    New girls VP Flirt

    thanks for sharing, I wish more of us would share line up experiences in addition to actual session reviews. raisins on a cardboard ... ouch! Thats a good description, but man I hope that girl doesn't read this board :) Anyways, has anyone ANYONE seen Amaya yet? I know she hasn't been on...
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    Sex with regular non working girls

    Here is a question: How much did this spanish lady weigh? You can definitely have a lot of fun if you are successful in online dating. But my assumption is that most girls on there are land whales. I like hot skinny asian girls, did you see them on the online dating sites you used?
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    alessandra @ seduction

    She is good looking facially, not DDG but good looking GND. Celeb look alike... maybe like Paris Hilton but with more makeup.
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    to tip or not to tip?

    I mentioned this on another thread, I was asking my regular girl at S9 (who is now permanently retired and long gone), about the tips. She straight up told me she doesn't charge anything extra. She said "I'm happy with whatever they give me, and if they don't give anything I'm happy that they...
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    Review Bella @ seduction

    sounds about right. my session with her ( a long time ago now ) was different but also similar. I wasn't looking for extras and once she figured that out the session was basically over (at least any fun part). Sounds like she hasn't changed/improved. Which is too bad because she has so much...
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    Xmas date

    yea, like flat fox said, in my country we don't celebrate christmas. So for me its just another day off, except all the business I want to go to are closed. All the good spas are closed. I looked around and it appears that Crown spa and Alpha care are open (at least in the morning).
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    Review 2019 Reviews Premier & Seduction

    thats a good first post, lots of info, thanks for sharing. Did you ask Tracy for bbj and she said no cbj only? Im curious why she is doing cbj for you? I haven't tried bj with her myself, but most reviews I read said they got bbj
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    Flirt Finch reviews

    yea it sounds bad, but I don't know how accurate his story is... "takes forever to flip me" and "came out side in just 15 minutes" - so which one is it? too long or too short? this doesn't add up
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    Come on Mods, step up and do the right thing.

    So we just need to move the Admin to Toronto and force him to go to a spa at least once a month. Then he will actually need the info we share, and may decide to clean up the crap.
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    Come on Mods, step up and do the right thing.

    My question for the admin is: If you have measures in place to stop spam (example - attempt to stop bots for registering/posting) that tells me there is some intent to stop this site being spammed with irrelevant nonsense. So, what about when spam does happen, why does it go unpunished? An...
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    Review Amie @S9 and Gina at Pure

    you said you ended up finishing with hj and bls with Amie, did any of it land on her face/body?
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    Azumi @ Seduction...what a body

    Wow, what a shit show this thread was... Just scrolled through it again, and like - what were we all fighting about? oh man... I remember seeing seduction post an AD for Suki and the photo was the same as the ones that were on Azumi's profile. So, I think its the same girl. Someone who had a...
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    Shayne @SRM

    If I could do the domination stuff to her, I'd be really interested. I've thought about messaging her to ask, but have a feeling she wouldn't be open to it. Does anyone have any other experience with her?