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    Uploading Photos to the Forum

    Uploading Photos to the Forum well obviously i can only speak for myself but thats just too much trouble for me i post on other sites and its just a quick browse of the files and upload sometimes after it asks resize? not sure if its a monetary issue or what but if you could find a way to make...
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    strange request, looking for a male escort for female friend

    strange request, looking for a male escort for female fr I won't even charge a dime . :lol:
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    TRIANNY AT NEW 360 That chica may be good, but man, she is not good looking at all; she's a 5 on her very best day. But as always YMWV. At some point, they should just retire, but then again, when they spend every dime they make, that's not an option.
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    MPs open on Sundays?

    MPs open on Sundays? The following are all the MPs that I know for sure are open on Sundays. Remember as has been stated ALL have fewer chicas on Sundays and in several only the newer chicas are required to work on Sundays. Also hours are shorter--most open at noon and close at 6. Scores...
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    October Tica of the Month?

    October Tica of the Month? thats meaningless Bill people waiting to claim the crumbling walls regardless of facts
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    Sofitel Bar and Disco

    Sofitel Bar and Disco so i take it this bar is in France 2 available ladies is a good place there?
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    Del Rey Or Blue Marlin Or Key Largo ? ? ?

    Del Rey Or Blue Marlin Or Key Largo ? ? ? A
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    Joe Bs and Karen

    Joe Bs and Karen Thanks for the update, Buzzfla. I just missed Marta's birthday. Must have been fun, I bet she was in fine form. The funny thing is, she doesn't seem to remember anything the next day, always a beer in a wine glass with ice, and a shot of tequila. I call that crazy juice.
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    Montreal Isis Spa...the Astounding Alexis!

    Part 1 of My Montreal Adventure: Arrived early Friday afternoon, checked in to the Montagne, frigid outside along with a fresh "dusting" of 15cms of fresh white stuff all over the streets. What better way to get the party started then a visit to Spa Isis This...
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    Heading to Montreal next week, clubs and party gals

    Heading up one night next week, and again twice more in coming months. Interested in meeting ladies of a certain loose morality and proclivity. Interested in slightly dirty places but safe enough in the end. Love to hear all current suggestions where to go and who to do. Love to meet a...
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    Some Quick notes from a Montreal vet!

    Just returned from Montreal aka Mecca. As many of you know, this is hands down the best hobbying town in North America. There is no better "bang for the buck"...pun totally intended. You can find virtually any type of girl you are looking for in Montreal at a really great price. The normal rate...
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    Dominican Girls in DR!

    They suggest "Cash Only" or else they jack up the price 20 percent (!) Sounds frightening.
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    Dominican Girls in DR!

    I went 3 times last year and once last month. They have the most beautiful women on the planet. Viagra and pills like this only cost $4 dollars for 2!! Save 2 for when you get home and take it for your wife or girl friend and they will think you couldn't wait to get back to be with them...
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    Dominican Girls in DR!

    I have been to Thailand many times. I love Thailand The girls in DR are as good as the Thai Girls, with less taboos over anal sex, etc. There are mosquitoes in Thailand too, plus stray dogs at the beaches and the Avian Bird Flu threat -- so don't assume anything. BTW all tropics are hot and...
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    Dominican Girls in DR!

    What's the damage from these girls?