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    golden showers

    Why. Isnit a penis?
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    You wonder why Whites keep moving further away?

    And spell check apparently
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    Just Relax

    Yeah. Usually tip in room. But usually room fee collected up front. But at a legit spa, ill pay for the agreed service (ie just massage) but only once ga3d to tell her she was junk. Girl at desk was more pissed i didnt tip. I told her, "good service, good tip. Bad service no tip". Of course if...
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    Elite Spa, 26-4820 Sheppard Ave. (East of McCowan)

    What do you mean "feels like"? Something about her skin or vaj "feels" specifically Chinese or korean?
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    Best Butts

    Nope Sorry bro. Asian chicks just like lighter skin. It's kinda Victorian values. Dark skin= worn out labourer. Light skin = cultured. You tube that shit. Interviews with asian girls. Sorry. It's just how it is. Generally. Be different for AG born in NA But not for her parents.
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    Just Relax

    Hey kray, Been to some some legit in GTA , sometimes girls come out and talk to person at front. Usually in chinese. Do they ever outright tell the girl or guy at desk if any extras happened or do they keep it on the down low? On another note, i am usually a fair tipper. Even if she doesnt...
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    Just Relax

    Trade em like hockey cards
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    Burlington MP Places

    Was at Cara yesterday. Haven't been in years. Maybe it was a good day. Maybe they got rid of the ditch trolls but got a nice south american lady. Not perfect. But sensual and sweet. Beautiful face and Brazilian butt. Agreed on 100 for nude. But that turned into a BS and DATY. Nice chat...