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    Need Translation re KGirl (Katie) now in Edmonton

    I have such beautiful, soft skin, and cute ass... they are so focused on them: they don't have to look at my fat belly, big nose, crooked teeth, receding hairline, ugly feet, small penis, ugly face........................... I treat them good....not just because its my personality, but because...
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    Where’s Waldo(MM)

    Oh....don't worry about "old demons" . Although, come to think of it...I might have a few demons, in my piece of shit 2015 Equinox (I bought February 2016). I have had to replace shocks and struts, both front headlights at a cost of about $2000....on top of 260 biweekly payments. Early in...
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    Kali in Edmonton For One Day!!!

    Yes, Diamondave Kali: what day are you talking about? Were you taking a poll? Whatever day gets requested the most in a p.m., that's the day you are coming? And if you are giving massages full time from another city, I am sure your fans would love to know they can visit.
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    Meridian Massage /JJ Massage

    And here, I thought they drew chopsticks. A Western spin, on a favorite classic. The person who gets the longest chopstick, gets the best reviewed (or youngest) girl's name. The loser, has to buy the other girls, Noodles. ...And that, my why some girls won't take less than 60...
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    Flora - “Nice Asian RMT offers massage at home”

    Sorry, I guess its my fault, I got us totally off talking about "Flora". My advice about "Flora"....Save your money....and spend it on the numerous, quality masseuses out there. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go spank myself...for hijacking this thread. "BAD MAESTRO.....BAD, BAD MAESTRO!!!"...
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    Flora - “Nice Asian RMT offers massage at home”

    In her Bonnydoon apartment location, she offered 2 hours for 120. 160 (with no touching, h.e.) I Took advantage of the 120 deal, at least once. PRICES advertised, went up, after she bought herself a home. I am surprised they went up that much.
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    Flora - “Nice Asian RMT offers massage at home”

    That's why I respect Tina as an independent. She is around the same age, and has posted her real pic. You know who to expect and what to expect...a quality therapeutic massage!!!! That being said. I haven't seen her ad in a long time. I wonder if she moved back to China, retired, or doesn't...
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    Kali in Edmonton For One Day!!!

    Unfortunately, you would have to go back 117 pages, give or take a dozen. In Summary: Worked at Labella, before Eling left. For a brief time, she and a girl named "Paige" have been the only white girls to have ever worked there....with Kali lasting longer, but not by much. "KALI" was lauded...
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    Flora - “Nice Asian RMT offers massage at home”

    Great deal! Unfortunately, I spent all my money on massages. Damn! I really needed that training!!! Saw Flora once, a few years ago...when she was Fannie at Xiaoping. Didn't even ask if she could touch me... she just went for it. Now, I know why... she had a special license. It was one...
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    No...u got it right. The last lady who gave me a massage, told me her name was Candy. And compared to the three or four I saw, and/ or had massages with, she was a little chubbier. I saw Betty, when I had massage with Cindy. And Betty was not as slim as Cindy and Vicky. Although, I didn't...
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    New here. Rosewater Massage

    Ok....u talked me into it. SHORTLY, after the above emoji, I tried a walk-in with no luck. That's what led me to Strathcona. With "Candy" at Strathcona, not quite hitting the mark, and positive reviews of Rosewater's "Jennifer", I decided that I better set up a massage with "Jennifer". If I...
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    And hasn't she been there since Nana's opened? Plus, that Nana's "Candy" has had rave reviews about her work ethic, and deep tissue quality. So, I think....that means...this is a new "Candy" name taker. What I know about Strathcona: they have part time girls (ones who likely work elsewhere...
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    Strathcona Spa & Foot Massage

    I have seen Candy too. Thought she might look like a lady originally from Nana's, but that was someone I just saw in passing multiple I am probably wrong. Thirties looking, cute, nice body. I thought Candy had zero deep tissue (although I never asked for it.) She seemingly was...
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    Good Energy Massage

    This sounds like the tale of two May's.. almost like a Chinese massage Jekyll and Hyde. Or, they are getting too busy and tired, and she is using elbows more to compensate.