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    Soccer is :awesome: so dont even try 2 disrepute it :diablo:
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    Ethics of Massage

    As a massage therapist, I have been trained to avoid the breasts and even to avoid this area on a man. However, I do know that in some countries this is usual. I think it was unprofessional that the therapist did not explain what he intended to do and check it was OK. I always explain...
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    Calling all teachers

    Hi Where are you based. I did my reflexology course privately at a small centre in Preston. The tutor their could give you advice on how to go about it. You would need your teaching certificate and I assume it would take about a year or two. I can send you her details if you like. Trace x
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    VTCT Reflexology certificates - HELP

    Hi, the Level 3 certificate is the old style 'Diploma in Reflexology'. The level 3 Diploma is the the old style 'Advanced Diploma' The difference is 10 more 4 week case studies for the Diploma, plus Hand and Ear Reflexology, crystal work, colour work, basic Kinesiology & Iridology. Plus a boat...
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    Is it possible to get the ning chat bar on your site for free?

    I want the ning chat bar on my site. Does anyone have a code or something for one? I want it for my site, for free but ... I can't figure out how. Any help??? Please?