1. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    Swedish therapy with Joy. 587-402-7275 (only text) :heart4:heart4:heart4
  2. G @ Garo:
    THE MOST HAPPY MASSAGE @416 781 0088 in TORONTO the best exotica ,STRONGLY RECOMMEND :skates:skates by Maria and Mgdalena !!!
  3. G Guest:
    In Scarborough or markham
  4. G Guest:
    Need a real massage a hard one
  5. G Guest:
    Steele Royals massage
  6. G Guest:
    Tired of this quick rub u down and get you pay
  7. G Guest:
    Where the best massage place like good massage and good.ending?
  8. G Guest:
    Wow. Thanks. Any tips for BBBJ , or it includes in regular ptice
  9. G Guest:
    Moon spa does bbbj
  10. G Guest:
    Just massage? Can we get BBBJ aswell?
  11. G Guest:
    Moon spa
  12. G Guest:
    How are the leslie hwy 7 places?
  13. G Guest:
    Where is it?
  14. G Guest:
  15. G Guest:
    Any recommendations in GTA massage parlours?
  16. G Guest:
    she's working today till 6
  17. G Guest:
  18. G Guest:
    and you can tell she works out that ass
  19. G Guest:
    she's actually 20 not 19
  20. G Guest:
    yeah she does have a nice ass
  21. G Guest:
  22. G Guest:
    Anal guy
  23. G Guest:
    who is asking about fat ass?
  24. G Guest:
    Fat ass?
  25. G Guest:
    but then no cim
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  • Dude, looks like you went to Bliss, Mulund. Was Palak the girl you availed service from? Guessing from your description... She was earlier with Crystal. If not, could you please share the name? Have you tried Fiona and Crystal? Out of all 3 now which would you recommend? Crystal was very good earlier till few months back but apparently most good girls have quit.
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