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    Lovely Asian Attendants in North Guelph 437-333-4760

    Mia is a true beauty and sweet person. I’ve always loved stopping into her spa in Guelph whenever I’m in the area. It’s clean and the rooms are a nice size. The shower is a common shower but exceptionally clean. She goes out of her way to make sure her girls get the customers before her.
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    Massage near Winston Churchill and the 401?

    If you want anything in that area you need to look on kijji. There’s a few listings
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    Chat Squirtin'

    I was told by one lady that she’s self conscience about it. Whenever she’s felt it coming on she holds back. If she’s your regular just talk to her about it.
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    That is one list of businesses Dougie

    Do you think spas should ok to stay open as per item 55 55. Businesses that provide products and/or services that support the health sector or that provide health services, including mental health and addictions and counselling supports. Having a relaxing massage is very good for my mental...
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    Top Spa 3120 Glen Erin

    I stopped in there about a month. I didn’t get the ladies name. She had a pretty face but was on the chunky side. Being my first time there I opted for a hh. The little bit of massage was pretty good. Her tease was quite effective went for daty and bbbj. She really got into the daty and after...
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    Chat Time to rethink for a while.

    Ahhh. Just triple up on the vitamins and bring in your sanitizer And mouth wash for the MPs to use before starting. 😜😜😜
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    Asian Crystal in Mississauga

    Sweet Alice is a very special lady. If these 2 ladies are comparable then I’ll definitely have to check out Miko. I don’t get out to the east end often to try Eva but she’s on the TDL now
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    Asian Crystal in Mississauga

    Tried searching her but everything comes up for mpa at Elegance spa in Woodbridge. This miko in Brampton is an sp.
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    Asian Crystal in Mississauga

    Sounds great. Will do. Never had any luck in Brampton but I’ll give her a try
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    Asian Crystal in Mississauga

    Miko looks very interesting. Any reviews on her? I’ve never had any in luck in Brampton. It always ends up with dead ends.
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    Classic Beauty Care and Spa Kim

    I texted on Friday and she’s still on her own. I haven’t seen the new place yet. Hope to this week sometime
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    Chat At crossroads with hobbying...what should I do?

    Start searching for independents. The quest for the needle in haystack is always fun. After a few duds I usually hit up something good. At worse you get some mediocre massages and a hj
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    List of Indy Massage Attendants - not spas

    I’ve seen her ad a few times this week. The last one I saw had a few pictures that might suggest there’s more than just a few extras available. I’m going to try and get in touch with her this week to see. Hopefully the massage is good. I don’t mind checking out these Indy ladies as long as I get...
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    List of Indy Massage Attendants - not spas

    She looks appetizing. I wonder what her menu is like? Looks like she’s by Square one
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    Sweet Alice

    She was 33 once upon a time 😋 Don’t get wrong in what I said. She is truly the best Asian sweetheart to see. Far beyond any Asian lady in Toronto. All Asian sp are measured against her services and her unbridled sexuality