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    1. Hotgirls
      Sorry I spelled the name wrong the girls name is Sophia
    2. Hotgirls
      Hi krayjee I am new at this you seem like you have a lot of experience with the girls and know all the girls I've been with Sofia at Blue Ocean Wellness Center for a massage and just a happy ending on a hand job will she put up more if you go back and see her a few times she seems like a lot of fun it could be more fun
    3. soulsweeper_7
      Hey Krayjee, you seem to be quite knowledgeable. This is a longshot but do you by chance know where I can find ruby from moonwaiting, she dissapeared and hasn't resurfaced, atleast on azn747.
    4. Bustanut
      Hey brother seen you got a lot of street Cred on here. Can you tell me where I can find Asians with tattoos on their stomach? Thanks
    5. Love4Curves
      Hey krayjee, noticed that people respect your opinions on here. I'm new in Toronto and I'm wondering if there's a specific place or two you'd personally recommend to try out. From what I've read, it looks like you appreciate the work of Moon Dreams and Anna Relax Spa. If this is the case, who should I be seeing? Thanks for your help!
    6. SuperDel
      Hey Krayjee, I have been following your posts for some time now, so I finally joined this forum to contact you, is there a way I could PM you?

    7. T444B
      Hey Krayjee, will probably going to be tying Lamonny next week, wondering if this is fs and who you would recommend , probably going Wed or Thurs and what’s the max I should be paying fs at these places. Thanks , new to this....
    8. Rjcool11
      @krayjee any recommendations for a busty Asian today? BBW is okay
    9. John chan
      John chan
      hello, would you know any place or MPA that offers prostate massage? PM me if you do.
    10. Kvothe14
      You seem to know your stuff could you shoot me a message so I can ask you a few questions
    11. AthleticAF
      Need your help with something can you message me, quick question. Thanks
    12. MPfun
      Hi. Are you able to PM me the blue pill details?
    13. rings00
      any pics of Yummy or the others at QQ?
    14. NoobJohn
      do you know who does DFK /LFKat JR? or at any other semi-legit?
    15. MouthFool
      La Monny. Never been. Remember CL? Any similar options there?
    16. unclepyscho
      Would like to go on a spa early on the opening hours, do you guys think its a good idea or nah?
    17. darkbluepepper
      Do you know what happened to coco at 1315 Lawrence melody spa?
    18. SmoothRock
      Between May Blossom, Candy Sister, Wonder Spa, which give the best service and HE for the money?
    19. cptfalcon
      Hey Krayjee, you've helped me a lot so far (with Moonlight, Moon Dreams, Shangrila). Thanks. My question to you is out of the two; E&M and Just Relax, which one is better for a dude looking for something semi-legit(no more FS for me). I want a nice massage with a good HE. Priority of massaging skills. Appreciate a PM.
    20. Fred__ric82
      Ops im a little stone lol further to my Korean ask every once in a while a sail to the Greek islands would be attractive;) your the best dont let these fools get ya down what you do in invaluable peace
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