1. G Guest:
    lmao all of u are fucking losers
  2. G Guest:
    belly button
  3. G Guest:
    me like good massage
  4. G Guest:
  5. G Guest:
  6. G Guest:
    hello from edmonton I'm looking for a great massage
  7. G Guest:
  8. G Guest:
    Im in Edmonton...are there any females in the room tonight from Edmonton....
  9. G Guest:
    Hi I would love a massage tonight.....
  10. G Guest:
    Golden airport
  11. G Guest:
    i want my dick jerked
  12. G Guest:
    Ann by nail
  13. G Guest:
  14. G Guest:
    this is my first time here -- what typically happens here?
  15. G Guest:
    what brings you here tonight?
  16. G Guest:
    i am good
  17. G Guest:
    how are you?
  18. G Guest:
    hi from tara
  19. G Guest:
    or toronto
  20. G Guest:
  21. G Guest:
    anyone in the kitchener waterllo area online?\
  22. G Guest:
  23. G Guest:
    Looking for free birthday massages in Kelowna? Mutual as well?
  24. G Guest:
    Los Angeles
  25. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    i have an opening at 8pm, please to 587-402-7275:heart5:heart5:heart5
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  • Hey KJ, please DM me wrt Ellagence. I am looking for a new place. Ideally, Asian, Milf and Bush. If you suggest a lady, I will provide a reference regarding the session (good or bad but honest)
    Hey Krayjee,

    I'm completey new to this whole game of Asian spas. I've never even had sex with an Asian before and im willing to try it out. Could you recommend any nice spas near the markham /richond area?
    Hey krayee I’ve noticed you have quite a it on insight on la monny. Maybe you could help me out. I saw either Annie or Alice on a Friday last spring. Was wondering if she’s still there Friday’s
    Hi krayjee I am new at this you seem like you have a lot of experience with the girls and know all the girls I've been with Sofia at Blue Ocean Wellness Center for a massage and just a happy ending on a hand job will she put up more if you go back and see her a few times she seems like a lot of fun it could be more fun
    Hey Krayjee, you seem to be quite knowledgeable. This is a longshot but do you by chance know where I can find ruby from moonwaiting, she dissapeared and hasn't resurfaced, atleast on azn747.
    Hey brother seen you got a lot of street Cred on here. Can you tell me where I can find Asians with tattoos on their stomach? Thanks
    Hey krayjee, noticed that people respect your opinions on here. I'm new in Toronto and I'm wondering if there's a specific place or two you'd personally recommend to try out. From what I've read, it looks like you appreciate the work of Moon Dreams and Anna Relax Spa. If this is the case, who should I be seeing? Thanks for your help!
    Hey Krayjee, I have been following your posts for some time now, so I finally joined this forum to contact you, is there a way I could PM you?

    Hey Krayjee, will probably going to be tying Lamonny next week, wondering if this is fs and who you would recommend , probably going Wed or Thurs and what’s the max I should be paying fs at these places. Thanks , new to this....
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