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    Spa at the adelphi

    I really laughed my head off when she accosted my Reviewiend asking him if he wanted to see an 18yr old's boobs. And she really pulled down her top to show her titties :D :D :D He was not very amused when I told him he hit jackpot with the almost 50yr old aunty instead ;)
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    Guess Her Muff

    Amazing, she looks quite a bit like Jill Hennessy formerly of Law & Order. 95%.
  3. J

    Guess Her Muff

    Yeah the implants are about two cup sizes too big and make her look like a cartoon - nice nips though and a pretty face. 8.75
  4. J

    Another pantyhose lobang. Look high end and clean massage centre at CBD area but...

    Hi bro, can pm me too. I really crazy for stockings and pantyhose. Nosebleed le
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    Bianca Bardot...will be in brisbane !!!

    Hi Guys....I just thought Id let you know that ill be in Brisbane Reviewiday ..the 28th. Of course I cant offer a lovely waterReviewont on the coast,but am going to be in the C.B.D., in an apartment XXXXXXX
  6. J

    Damn fucking dirty Anti Vice world

    Huh, need 2 IDs to book a room? If I want to book a room and stay alone cannot? Then must "lan lan" book a gal to get one room to stay? Where got logic?:confused:
  7. J

    Janick in Longueuil....5 stars services

    I visited about a week ago. The previous descriptions about her looks and service are very accurate. After initial phone contact her apartment is easy to find in a nice part of town. I would just like to emphasize what a wonderful lady she is to spend time with. Very good service - 2 shots...
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    Laren Jade

    Prices - Do They Really Matter Reading this forum and just the last few with both Blackmax's and NikkiVip's comments. I find myself wondering does the price really matter. I myself think that the lady has the say on her pricing that doesnt mean her service is gonna be any less of an...
  9. J

    Spring Roll

    SM: did this Spring Roll come with that tangy dippy sauce ? ;)
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    Review: (Brazil) Maysa @ Clinica Cherry (Sao Paulo)

    Date: 08/13/2010 Name: Maysa Contact Info: +55 11 5041-2119 URL / Website: General Area: Walking distance from Congonhaus Airport downtown Sao Paulo. Website has address.. Activities: Shower, Massage, BBBJ, L1, BBBJ, Massage-her, Tit-play...
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    Some Major Balls On This Dude

    Wow. Major balls, for sure. I'm having flashbacks of an accident I saw when I was a kid...tractor trailer hit a gas truck. It was quite an explosion. :shock:
  12. J

    Review: Review Missy

    Thank you for the review. Should the State be Pennsylvania instead of Rhode Island?
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    Dragon Girl at Mun Muns

    Wow, nice review kimchi... I like the last part, it is every man's dream to have 3sum
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    Review: Tiffany at 7th Heaven

    Tiffany is a great girl! She is a very warm, kind and giving person. K.
  15. J

    Review: Angie from BP was a dissappointment

    Ouch....! Thanks for the info.