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    Big eyes, young pretty,and surprisly a good in massaing

    Wow - early morning what a thread!
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    2 Word Association

    WHy not?
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    Centre Sant矋ama 1321A de Maisonneuve East (514) 523-4122

    you read a few posts about FS at Kama? You must be mistaken about the name... maybe you are thinking Elegance Kama Sutra.
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    new facial spa at clementi

    That fat PRC lady ah...few weeks back also saw her near bencoolen giving out flyer...
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    Pearl Ctr Massage

    I had a good session in one of the massage shop .... was approached by a middle age lady, but I chose the younger and prettier one instead :p She was really pretty in my eyes .... I guess she's in her early 20s, though boobs not that big, but sure had good eraser tits for me to lick .... wow...
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    New World Kris/Chris

    I went there Saturday @ 4:15. I called ahead at about 4 to see how many girls were there and I was told 10. Whoa. When I got there I was only shown 4 girls. A bit of a let down. Sorry but I forgot the names of the other 3 girls. Kris was the best looking of the bunch.
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    ISO - Nana and Maria at Bellagio ???

    Makin a trip to Big D and am now bummed to find out NaNa of Smile/NanCho/Bellagio is AWOL. Anyone have any idea where she landed?
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    Annie and Bebe at 7th

    Bebe is on vacation until early January. Annie is on permanent vacation. Try Cindy if she is there but eat your Wheaties before you go.
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    Review: Not impressed with Amy @ Braker AMP

    Date: 6/28/2011 Provider: Amy Phone: 512-810-0006 Email Address: - URL / Website: City: Austin State: Texas Address: I-35 & Braker Appointment Type: Incall...
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    Massage Parlor Reports

    Haha, sounds like Nana. I believe her, having been with her a few times--right tone. How else would she know some of the other information and why would she come on here telling people factual information? She isn't making anything up. Anyway, thanks for the post, good information, and...
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    Massage Parlor Reports

    Check this out. Reflects my own experiences 100% ;
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    Ar赡lo / Ministro Carranza

    Arévalo / Ministro Carranza There is a consultorio located on the corner of Arevalo and Arce (near Ministro Carranza subte linea D) , with a fantastic selection of chicas, including: Rocyo Lara
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    Finlandia? Where is it?

    Just wondering if there is a spa / massage place, called "Finlandia" And where it is, and any info about it. Cheers. Z
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    daytime activities in phuket?

    Wasn't Hugh Jackman by any chance ???
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    Review: Jess @ Great Pharaoh

    Well, I decided to start the long weekend off right so I decided to head to Great Pharaoh. It has been a while since I last visited - but have always liked the service, location and atmosphere. Also, there are some new girls there that I wanted to see. I saw the lineup (which included two new...