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    Tales of a Tiny K-Town AMP

    Several new girls here - Shirley and Mary, both maybe a bit younger than some of the prior ladies and certainly more attractive. Watch out - there may be two "Shirleys" - one old, one younger. Still nobody young or hot but a slight improvement in looks. Not clear what sort of mileage may be...
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    Clinique Sant矅xcellente 1440 Cote Vertu ville Saint Laurent (514) 832-0888

    Clinique Sant yes! for some time now they all seem to massage very good, and the perks are excellent as well
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    Answer & Ask A Random Question

    Answer & Ask A Random Question yes when I am cycling for more than 50 kms can you give me a hug?
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    Body Slide

    I agree, that was HOT AS HELL! I'm going to make a point to learn how to do that! oh, for the clients benifit, not mine, of course. Yeah right!
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    camping mats for thai massage???

    This thread has now been moved to the Massage Forum. Thank you, RP. Holistic
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    Prolapsed disc

    My disagreement is with your statement, Quote: (World's best spine surgeons are indeed orthopedic.) I feel that this may mis-lead some fellow back pain sufferers and cause them to reduce their area of research by discounting Spinal Surgeons from a Neurosurgical background. I also have reasons...
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    Maryline comble tout vos d販res

    Maryline comble tout vos d she greets in a private place, super clean shower availible in yhe east end
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    Whackiest Sex Experiences

    click on edit button and delete
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    numbuss in it band,quads

    Cross fiber friction, kneading from tensor fascia latae to the ankle, loosening of the attachments at the greater trochanter and ischial tuberosity are just a few of the things that popped into my mind when I read this post..... Lots of times the strain from long term standing, especially...
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    Tiffany is back at Seventh Heaven

    Tiffany is always a good time and good convo, exotic look, smoking hot body and large mm's, well worth the visit.
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    Review: Why Kelly is So Good

    I always said she's great and acomidating...
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    Review: Good Time Spa

    Good review, but you forgot one thing on your list of negatives: This place is a shithole.
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    Do you feel bad when this happens?

    @DDog: No, Holly probably wasn't kidding.
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    Making small talk w/the girls?

    After reading a few of the reviews recently, got me to thinking about one question I'm always asked. Now I think I'm fortunate for having decent looks for my age, and the few times I've visited the amps, (and many indies also) I am always asked during the small talk prior and during the fun is...
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    Where can a student find out about massage products?

    Because merlescuz pointed out that this appears to be a marketing ploy, Ive removed any reference of my company name. I really am trying to practice due diligence in doing some research before I make this big decision. thanks for pointing that out Merlescuz... (I have since gone back...