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    Chavutti Thirmal

    Hi Laura Thanks for moving the thread ! btw I would be very interested in hearing how Essence99 is getting on with attracting clients. I have really enjoyed receiving chavutti thirumal but my reservations about training in it are broadly those which Daisy has already expressed: ie that many...
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    need advice on couches

    Am just starting out as a mobile therapist and need to buy a good couch would really like some advice on the best ones to get that won't break my back carrying but are still very sturdy and reliable please?? PS. have only done beauty speacialist stuff so far but would like to expand my skills...
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    Playing a Perfect Hand at Red Spa 21 - 212-229-2090

    I may be a bit late on this, but it appears that Pinky is the popular Amy from the other midtown spa. Ace was at the same spa for a period of time pre-enhancement.