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    Island Spa (Hellertown)

    Got there for the first time this afternoon. Was with CoCo I think. small little thing with good size fakes. massage sucked but who cares. reg $ tip and this girl was ready to go. Great head, then cowboy, mish, fishing with doggie. Should have held out longer and finshed with head. Def will go back
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    G spa

    The ambience of G-Spa are awesome for SG standard, the place kind of reminded me the former Atlantis (Suntec) which was shut down several years ago but smaller. Price might be a bit steep, I hope it will deter those patrons that have a habit to rubs their feet vigourously in the pool...
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    B.O.N.K.S - Brotherhood Of Nightclub KTV Singapore

    life's gd,pool,sing ktv,hug hug,listen nice thai songs.What more can I ask for? :)
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    The New 2214, 514-578-7777

    really?? you can't call to get an appointemnt? who refers you? [B]>>> EDITED BY MOD 11: Useless quote removed. Quoted post is immediately above.
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    Gotta Love a Good Laugh

    :shock1:Oh good lawd that was just to much lmfao :lol:
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    Centre de la Sant窠1965, Ontario East 598-5608

    Centre de la Sant Christ Oliver... that's how you get shit done. Thanks for those tips
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    Best Kisser

    hmmm kissingggg, one of my favourite things to do....then using your mouth, lips and tongue in many more yummy erotic ways *winks* xTiffx :makeout:
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    Lucy from CL

    Sounds like she is working out of the same apartment as Vivi that I reviewed. They must have the same phone girl.
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    Anyone Know Any Malay Massage Girl

    long shot but anyone knows where jane Reviewom solid gold coast (tbg days) is ?
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    Violetta in Old Montreal

    I confirm that her boobs are 100% natural. Enough if this TS non sense. And Mike yes, the trimmed bush is like the one in the pics.
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    Great Gardens

    Has anyone heard of a R&T place in Manhattan called "Great Gardens?" A buddy recommended it to me without giving me details and I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
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    ramona @ bbc

    i'd like to add a new acronym to the list: GGWB which means good god what a body! that about sum's up ramona's look. she's spanish/black, barely over 5' and definitely a spinner. her body is thin but not fragile. the session was nothing out of the ordinary from what you'd expect at bbc...
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    oooh feet!

    Hi, I do reflexology and while at first I did have a little issue with other peoples feet it does not bother me at all now. If anything I worry more about what people think when they do mine! (There really isn't anything bad about my feet.) To me anyway, it has just become another part of the...
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    navalkar lane

    Navalkar Lane has become very boring now. Same old girls on offer. Sophia is also gone. One can try the floor above Vishnu for some novelty. Rates are lower and he is re-vamping his rooms big time.