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    CHINESE PROVERBS - Velly good !

    Mr. Sharma, if u'vent noticed it, its already placed in the center :P
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    Robert: kahan se joke le ke aaya hai

    Some super one liner jokes of robert and others in true bollywood style :lol: Robert: boss, China se Mr. Hu aayee hain. Ajit: Goli maar do. Hu mar jaane par humor ban ke sab ko hasaayenge. Scene: Ajeet thouroughly disgusted with Mona daaa..arrling's typing...
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    :ashamed: just read it
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    Nice Joke.
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    I'm not a performing monkey!

    There, I thought that would grab your attention . Dear fellow reflexologists, what do you do when a client says something like 'let's see if you pick up what's wrong with me' or 'let's see if my dodgy shoulder shows up during the treatment' or similar? Talk about pressure! I don't know what...