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    I was Nina's first client at Perla several years ago. I repeated and then for some unknown reason I didn't see her again, so many girls, so little time and money.... my loss I'm sure. Definitely going to fix that !
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    I am a veteran for sure. I have not seen Tracy at S9 but often thought about it. Candy I do see...

    I am a veteran for sure. I have not seen Tracy at S9 but often thought about it. Candy I do see once in a while, she has a "menu". Does Tracy ? I see June as well she also "does it" (all covered). I am not a BJ seeker but believe she covers for that as well. Let me know if Tracy is FS ... of...
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    Sweetest pussy

    Never mind "going down" I had a first session with a well known and very popular girl a few months back at a Platinum. I almost gagged from the smell and I had my head no where in the vicinity of her crotch. I think it was a yeast infection or something like that , but I could not believe that...
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    Translating MPA talk...

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    Studio 9/Seduction reviews

    Not to contradict the OP's review re June, however my experience(s) with her are more sensual and "plain fun" than his account. She is a quiet type as opposed to some girls with the moans and whining ... when it is real it's a turn on, when it is theatrical, over the top and obviously so, it is...
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    Lisa at Obsession - SRM

    I posted on the "other" board but thought Lisa deserves a review here as well. I have known her a few years, she was 20 when I first met her. She was away for an extended period but apparently came back to the MP biz last winter. Asian (VN), cute, sweet disposition and curvy / sexy. She has...
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    What mind-tricks do MPA's use to keep you hooked?

    "I remember a dude in Jamaica selling lobsters on the beach. Hadn't seen him in over 2 years and he remembered my name and asked me about the plans I had made before leaving back to Canada." Some of the girls offering crabs do that too.
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    Have you ever participated in a training session?

    I have done two. Both started off slow and clinical but ended with "O's" for all involved.
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    I could recommend several places, it depends on your personal "limits" (comfort level with sex)...

    I could recommend several places, it depends on your personal "limits" (comfort level with sex) and how busy (how much money) you intend to make. The spas vary from little sexual interaction to "full service" which means intercourse and oral (I don't partake in oral, however it is seems a focus...
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    Madison @ Pure

    Madison is one of the best looking girls in the business with a super personality to match IMHO. A real sweetheart and a regular for me.
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    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    Thanks for the correction Krajee. Do you know if Zara is coming back to MD ? or working another spa ?
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    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    Is Sara the Korean girl that was away from December 1 through March ?
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    Why are white boys sexually inferior?

    It's interesting that you say the word respect, it is the most important thing in the islands I spend a lot of time on ..... especially with the black population and they respect being "respected" as much as any person does. It is what is deserved by anyone, black, white, asian ... whatever...
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    Failed Relationship with MPA

    I believe most of us in this "hobby" life are the same way. Somewhat delusional at times, and somewhat critical at other times. I try to just live in the moment but that is difficult when you run into a person that you really connect with and the chemistry flows.
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    Is Premier Chain Dead?

    The towels at Premiere have never been as good as some spas. Never stopped them from being #1 for a long time, and still is to some. Steeles Royale in my experience has the best and most towels of any but it hasn't helped their slide in popularity over the past couple of years.