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  1. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    ♥Amazing good time massage ♥647-262-9889♥11-71 Speers Road,Oakville Ontario ♥:heart3:heart3:heart3:heart3
  2. Baby Bella @ Baby Bella:
    ♥647-262-9889♥Good Time Massage ♥11-71 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario ♥:heart2:heart2:heart2
  3. LauraEdmonton @ LauraEdmonton:
    Swedish therapy with joy. 587-402-7275 (only text):heart3:heart3:heart3
  4. G Guest:
    Girls in Mumbai
  5. G Guest:
    Any suggestions on Postrait massage @ Toronto downtown
  6. G Guest:
  7. G Guest:
    montreal downtown
  8. G Guest:
    richmond hills
  9. G Guest:
    Any girls in markham for massage that aren’t old like in 20s
  10. G Guest:
    any escort in malton, i go to these escort 1once a week
  11. G Guest:
    Yes still looking for anal In scab
  12. G Guest:
    Newmarket erotic massage?? Any around
  13. G Guest:
    yes Yasmine 4168930761
  14. S @ Sweet you think:
    Scarborough spas. Non Asian?
  15. G Guest:
    Any good places in muskoka?
  16. G Guest:
    if you are a female skype me at love.orgasm4u
  17. G Guest:
    Any recommendations for Mississauga
  18. G Guest:
  19. G Guest:
    Mississauga good massage
  20. G Guest:
  21. G Guest:
    GreenWorld Spa 4710 Yonge ....under new mgt Come see us ................416-901-5885 ......Same number time being $40hh/50/60h New girls
  22. G Guest:
    ask for Lana
  23. G @ Garo:
    HAPPY MASSAGE @ 416 781 0088 the best in Toronto EXOTICA .STRONGLY RECOMMEND .:skates:skatesby Kim and Masha
  24. G Guest:
    duos are available at Blondies Massage Spa on Bowes rd in Vaughn
  25. G Guest:
    guest in Scarborough are you still looking
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    Lisa at Obsession - SRM

    I posted on the "other" board but thought Lisa deserves a review here as well. I have known her a few years, she was 20 when I first met her. She was away for an extended period but apparently came back to the MP biz last winter. Asian (VN), cute, sweet disposition and curvy / sexy. She has...
  2. D

    What mind-tricks do MPA's use to keep you hooked?

    "I remember a dude in Jamaica selling lobsters on the beach. Hadn't seen him in over 2 years and he remembered my name and asked me about the plans I had made before leaving back to Canada." Some of the girls offering crabs do that too.
  3. D

    Have you ever participated in a training session?

    I have done two. Both started off slow and clinical but ended with "O's" for all involved.
  4. D

    I could recommend several places, it depends on your personal "limits" (comfort level with sex)...

    I could recommend several places, it depends on your personal "limits" (comfort level with sex) and how busy (how much money) you intend to make. The spas vary from little sexual interaction to "full service" which means intercourse and oral (I don't partake in oral, however it is seems a focus...
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    Madison @ Pure

    Madison is one of the best looking girls in the business with a super personality to match IMHO. A real sweetheart and a regular for me.
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    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    Thanks for the correction Krajee. Do you know if Zara is coming back to MD ? or working another spa ?
  7. D

    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    Is Sara the Korean girl that was away from December 1 through March ?
  8. D

    Why are white boys sexually inferior?

    It's interesting that you say the word respect, it is the most important thing in the islands I spend a lot of time on ..... especially with the black population and they respect being "respected" as much as any person does. It is what is deserved by anyone, black, white, asian ... whatever...
  9. D

    Failed Relationship with MPA

    I believe most of us in this "hobby" life are the same way. Somewhat delusional at times, and somewhat critical at other times. I try to just live in the moment but that is difficult when you run into a person that you really connect with and the chemistry flows.
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    Is Premier Chain Dead?

    The towels at Premiere have never been as good as some spas. Never stopped them from being #1 for a long time, and still is to some. Steeles Royale in my experience has the best and most towels of any but it hasn't helped their slide in popularity over the past couple of years.
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    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    "So far as i know she won't be back till early April." Promise not to ask "are we there yet ... are we there yet .... LOL Thanks Krayjee !
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    How would you know if a mpa is a transexual?

    I'm no gynaecologist but I'll take a look. :p
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    Moon Dream Spa (Yonge & Clark)

    Hi Krayjee, do you know if "Zara" is back on schedule(s), perhaps as a new name. She went to Korea in December and was to return April or this month. Looking forward to seeing her again. She did some shifts at Moon Dreams, and as you previously told me, she did also at LaMonnay.
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    Oceanic Palace

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    Hot Asian Premier Receptionist

    I posted on the red board a few years ago about a receptionist at S9 that was very social and loved to talk to me as a regular. She would sometimes bring the phone and sit in the chair in the room for a while and talk while I showered. One day as I was drying off, she asked if she "could touch...