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    Announcement Something bad went down outside Crown Spa

    You have very low self esteem. You let Angela abuse your time and money. Your wife doesn't fuck u. You obsess over some MPA. You spout racist rhetoric which is mostly unproven. You probably a cuck who would watch a big black man fuck your wife and cry in the corner.
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    Announcement Something bad went down outside Crown Spa

    Doesntean it happened at crown could be in the area though. There is a shady ticket place there. Where u can by tickets for any event. Looks mobbed up. Bullet proof glass in there. For selling tickets seems kind of weird
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    New Olivia @ Seduction

    Pimps how u pimping a girl at a spa? is beyond me. Unlike an sp how would pimp know how many client's they see. Cocaine use happens my regular there said she used to but stopped. Sleeping at the spa what's the big deal they close at 4am on weekends and open at 10. Easy way for her to make extra...
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    Chat Indian MPA Suggestions

    This red rose spa with the Indian mpas do they do extras like bbbj, fs ?
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    Gifts for Mpa’s

    Buying gifts for mpa's 🤣🤣🤣🤣. That's nuts she has another sucker bringing her gifts in an hour. I have a long time regular sp she might get an extra tip here and there. I'm not buying gifts for no mpa/sp lmao even when I was making well into 6 figures. Nope.
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    Duds at Seduction

    I have to do repeats to get a bbbj or some lfk bbbj. That's ridiculous. That's how I never see u again. Cbj is a waste of time I rather just hj or fs. If that's the case. The poster u done a swell job. I heard about some of these girls offering no gfe he confirmed it.
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    New Olivia @ Seduction

    Dammm is she doing blow? Way to skinny for me and its doesn't look like a healthy skinny either.
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    Chat What's your kink?

    I find this a lot on he fucks all these young Asian girls. Most act like dead fish. No noise no emotion. I don't visit a lot of asian MPA places but I have had my share of dead fish
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    New Olivia @ Seduction

    Pleae clarify what bug you are talking about from what I know the bug is slang for HIV. Juliet is wearing a wig? What sti causes your hair to fall out?
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    New Olivia @ Seduction

    If it's just gonorrhea then at least that's curable.
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    Review: Sierra @ Seduction

    No asian mpa or those fuck houses in Markham or Mississauga for awhile. It takes 2 weeks before symptoms start. I'm staying far from any asian mpa who is not Canadian born
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    New Olivia @ Seduction

    The bug is slang for HIV. Doesn't make sense they can work at one spa location and not the other. I wouldn't just take another MPA word. If they do how is deduction still allowing them to work there.
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    Chat RIP Kobe Bryant

    I agree there are so many willing mpas whether u want a massage, bj or FS. A girl retires oh well. There are new girls every week. I won't lose sleep over a girl who leaves the business. The GTA is like Baskin robins 32 flavours a variety of women for all types of men
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    Sexy Blonde Tiffany @ Seduction

    Holy fuck that's like Baywatch tv show extra in the flesh. I'm definitely interested and I'm not big on blondes but wow she looks smoking
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    Chat RIP Kobe Bryant

    He did charity work for the make a wish foundation, made a basketball camp for kids of all ages. Which he was flying to before the crash. You're assuming it's hush money no proof of that. People sue celebrities all the time and they settle it's cheaper than dragging it out in court.