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    Cool Signs ............

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    I agree, hell I didn't pay extra when ivy fingered me. Next time during the session maybe she'll put on a strap-on dildo and hammer my ass that way!
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    How physically demanding is giving massage?

    Thanks Essence99, that gives me a good idea of how much I might physically manage when I start out. Until recently I have operated at about 1/3rd of standard productivity and have managed to up it to around 60% with careful management and healthful adjustments. I foresee my improving further...
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    Desperate for massage - want a case study?

    Hi Jo Sorry can't help with the massage as I don't do them yet, also I'm not in your area. The reason I'm answering your post is that I wondered if you had ever tried Reiki for your ME and Fibromyalia. Think Reiki or spiritual healing could help you, if you look or ask at a local Spiritual shop...
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    Explanation of Shit

    Good God..this thread is full of sh*t... :hap5:
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    I like your thinking

    little johnny pwns all :D
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    Any chatting sites for 13-16 year olds?

    You see, I sacrificed my digital life. Which means i can't use facebook or Twitter untill somebody raises 1,000 dollars. Im doing this to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa/India. Im really bored, and i need something to do. Does anybody know of chatting sites for 13-16 yr olds? If so, could you put a...