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    How much coke did charlie sheen snort? Enough to kill 2 and a half man.
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    Hole in the fence.

    I think i get it..
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    Discectomy - After the Operation

    Hi everyone, hope all is as well as can be with you all I am not very well, have dropped the oramorph dose again as directed by the doctor and the withdrawals are more obvious as i am now on practically nothing now (2.5mls twice a day)....Have awfully fidgety legs and feeling a bit low...
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    Rainbow NYC currently (NYC ACE)

    Meaning What??, explain your implication. If you read what I said. YES, you can call ahead for a girl and arrive, and she's either taken or not even there, hence the term bait & switch. It happens more than not, THAT'S WHAT I SAID. You can book a girl, but that still doesn't guarantee you will...
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    Queries from Louise tucker book - Ileo-ceacal valve/respiritory problems

    Hi there, I have just done my reflex exam and we really got ourselves tied up in knots over some of her associated reflexes! We were told that her reasoning for the ileo-caecal valve in the respiratory valve would be to aid the elimination of waste i.e. mucous produced by the...
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    New York Bar

    New York Bar went there for a few drinks last week and at 630pm they give everyone a free drink, I thought that was cool !!!
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    20 Ways

    :clap :clap :D - goes to next joke -
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    Best ways to introduce different food to a fussy nearly 2 year old?

    Your definitely NOT a bad mother, oh my soooo many people feed their children from jars.. Anyway, I have had this problem before. I have learned that it can take up to 8 times of introducing a food to a child before the child will willingly eat it. I will say that children will not starve...