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    Who do you want to bring out of retirement?

    My srm legends, Anya Ivana Still think about them years later
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    Black Mpa's

    Looks like her pics just got posted back on the website. Seems like she may be back!
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    backdoor, reach-under and miscellaneous pre-flip teasing

    I share the same interests. My go to is over in Brampton. I understand everyones preference for other spas. Just my experience. Tia @ SRM. She is a very gorgeous Dominican girl. Big beautiful ass, amazing DD's (enhanced). I love every minute I spend on my stomach. Her massage is very firm and...
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    best prostate massage?

    Not sure how good she is, but I know she does offer them.
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    If I had to guess. Most likely enhanced.
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    Met her before the pictures were put up She is gorgeous. Very curvy, not what I expected for a Filipina. She is very sweet and sensual. Lots for slow sensual touch play. Not sure about extras. But a great body slide with release. Would recommend.
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    Any thick MPAs around? Review included

    My thick MPA is definatly Tia from SRM manmade, but omg. To thick to comprehend.
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    Tia @ SRM

    I want to send out my review to one of my favorites. Tia at SRM. I would recommend her to everyone. My TOFTT moment. One of the most beautiful women ever. A real vixen. When she walks in, jaw drops and mouth watering. Her body is surreal. All man made - but to perfection. 34DD-26-41. She...
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    Dhalia @ SRM *East Indian*

    Very new to MP's. Very talkative (a bit to much) , and mechanical. Offered 200 cbj and 300 F's - nope. Very basic massage skills. Personality 6, looks 6. A definite no repeat. Lots of better options at srm.
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    Alena at SRM?

    She is a very pleasant and sexy women. Cbj and fs available. Offered it up right from the get go. Beautiful blond, but the massage part needs work. I think she said she will be getting enhanced later in the summer. Overall good experience, not top quality. Looks 7.5. Massage 5. Personality 9.