Law waives licensing fee for new massage therapists, others -

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    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — They are professions thousands of Tennesseans choose to start a career in, hoping to make more money, but new massage therapists and hair stylists say they're getting stuck with hundreds of dollars in state fees that they must pay to get their license and do their job.

    But a new law seeks to save low income students some of that money, waiving their initial fee to get a state license, which for Massage therapists is $280.

    "The struggle to change their lives is hard enough, they finally get through it all, take a deep breath and - smack - here's $550 worth of fees to get into the field, said Maj-Lis Nash with the Mind Body Institute.

    Massage therapy instructors say the fee waiver will likely make the difference between starting out in a new career, or getting stuck with an unpayable bill.

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