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    This is my first FR and a pretty sad (and frustrating) one.

    I had gone to Goa over last two days as announced on the forum. In the absence of any contact or reference, I searched Locanto etc extensively and sent lot of Whatsapp messages. One SP named Saloni (a man) responded with lot of photos asking to finalize. Charges 6k for 02 hrs (Indian) and 15k for Russian but Russian required prior booking with 30% payment as booking amount.
    I spoke to the guy and opted for Indian. He said you have to pay minimum 1000 Rupees for confirmation. I said that you didn't say earlier for Indian. He said no people refuse the service later and i don't even recover to and fro taxi charge. At least pay taxi charge which is about 1000/- since girl has to come from North Goa. This seemed convincing logic and I transferred 1000 by Paytm. This guy was talking normally on Whatsapp even after that asking for hotel name etc.

    However closer to the scheduled time I got call from girl that you need to make balance payment also then only I will come. I said it was fixed that balance will be given after work, in hand. She said speak to my SP. SP did not take my call and she said he was not taking her call also. She repeated you need to make the payment, you can pay directly to my Paytm account and I refused. I said not without you coming here or at least coming till hotel front and meeting me. She started her sob story, "You listen me". Some days back there was a police wala, he didn't pay at all after work. I said whatever, I will not pay without you coming here. She hung up. I tried SP number, he was continuously rejecting my call and later blocked me. Then the girl called after half an hour saying I am close to your hotel and motivated me again to make payment directly to her else she would return. And I refused, not without meeting.

    In the end, I lost 1000/- for trusting a bastard SP over phone. I was under the false assumption that they do No.2 work but they don't cheat!!!
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