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  1. Hulk123
    Hulk123 Escortfan
    Bhai, please provide sneha malad contact with reference
  2. Wood
    A Lannister always repays his debt!
  3. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 mongerking26
    Hey bro you said you have visited colaba area many times.i live in colaba xan you please any bars wherw i can get girls or any sb/db in the area......i heard about cannon but not sure about that any good high quality bar you know please tell....i'll appreciate any kind of help thanks
  4. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 devilszone06
    Hey bro you said about disc and pubs where high class girls are there......any idea about south mumbai colaba area where one can actually get some girls and fun......i'll appreciate any kind of help
  5. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 Lustking69
    Hey bro you mentioned some bar names are these in south mumbai? I live in colaba so can you help me with nearby options. I'll appreciate your help
  6. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 samsrt
    Hey bro you say no hope in sobo why? Are there no bars like this in sobo or something else? So any idea where can i go or anything?
  7. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 atsexd
    Hey man do you know any bars in south mumbai colaba where girls are there? I know this thread is for navi mumbai but if you can help me in any way i'll really appreciate it
  8. Mani1982
    Mani1982 bg71177
    Hi Bro,

    I need place in Mulund as I have GF and wanna enjoy with her. Email me on mohit dot kadam 1010 at gmail dot com
  9. Abhinav4696
    Abhinav4696 Frizerra
    Hey bro u said about you have any idea about spa where one can get any contact to have fun in south mumbai colaba......will appreciate any kind of help
  10. Mousse
    hey bro.plz share riya vashi
  11. deepbrowneyes99
  12. Rr777
    Rr777 AnuragDas
    Hey. U seem experienced with kol spas. Can you recommend me some good ones and also give tips about them?been to 3 of them and 1nof them was 5 out of 5 . Other were just okok
  13. Sanjay_J
  14. Ohhh55
    Ohhh55 vicky0809
    Hey man
    I’m new to this
    Could you give me a few contacts of NL to start with.
    The help will be really appreciated man.
  15. Patrick789
    Patrick789 Mousse
    Can u share Riya Vashi in exchange
  16. Jasveer
    Jasveer Mousse
    Can u share Riya Vashi in exchange
  17. Jasveer
    Jasveer hardy2009
    Can u share arati no in exchange of Karishma
  18. choko
    SEXY blonde at touch of silk NANCY
  19. Jasveer
    Jasveer Amit M
    Canushare Komal no
  20. Jasveer
    Jasveer raghu.raj86
    Pls share Shruti Kurla no