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  1. prmd
    prmd hirak5285
    please share the experience
  2. prmd
    prmd hirak5285

    1 session 2000 + 700 room charges at mira road McDonald ka opposite ma anthpurna log.
    Available 11am sa 6pm ka bich ma kabhi bhi.
    Ma night nhi karti.
    I am chubby girl.
    But service will be nice.
    Anal nhi karti.....

    Contact number 8850536247
  3. amcor710
    amcor710 Marblehead
    Marblehead if you don't mind what services did you get for $150.00 tip
  4. Saggy10
    Saggy10 Logan21
    Hii Logan please share lodge address name I'm 22 year old boy looking for my first encontrar i have some indies number but sab west of money hai plz lodge ka address aaur contact pm karo
  5. Rahul4650
  6. Rahul4650
  7. Mallo
    Mallo Logan21
    Hey bro read your threesome post I’m interested ..plz share details and if you want anything in exchange I got a indie who has few girls
  8. NewbieNSA
    NewbieNSA bhaipicachoo
    Hey man did you get Shraddha's number? I am willing to exchange.
  9. samrat999
    samrat999 Ahhfahh5666
    hey bro.. I also visited few spas in kolkata. We can exchange. But looking for good reliable escort agencies. Do you have any contact?
  10. samrat999
    samrat999 maheshnbabu
    hello I am also new here. Can we exchange some contacts?
  11. samrat999
    samrat999 Tintinherge9
    bhai can you share some good escort agency in kolkata which is trustable?
  12. pratik6666
    pratik6666 Jamim
    Me pratik from Thane. Let me know if you interested in any contacts exchange around thane.
    [email protected]
    1. Jamim
      Yes I am interested. I can share Rajani/ Nisha number on exchange
      Dec 18, 2018 at 12:37 AM
  13. pratik6666
    pratik6666 punisher thane lover
    Me pratik from Thane. Let me know if you interested in any contacts exchange around thane.
    [email protected]
  14. pratik6666
    pratik6666 Sandydad
    hi..I can exchange few contacts from Thane-Kalyan area. I have Urvashi, Nisha, etc. Let me know if interested.
    [email protected]
  15. starlight spa
  16. Ronil111
    Ronil111 vijay.maniyar
    Bro plz share no of Cindy if possible. Vl be appreciated bro thanks
  17. MYK1988
    MYK1988 mahi78
    Can u share number and pic of milf from bhandup
    I am new..
  18. Anilrnc
    Anilrnc VFMonger
    Brother me Anil from Ranchi. Silent monger from 15years in sg Kolkata.
    But no idea about Delhi. Please help.
  19. Anilrnc
    Hi brother please share contact details of pushpa nawada milf den
  20. alphainghji913
    alphainghji913 sudiman2018feb