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  1. chandanda10
    chandanda10 motwani27sandip
    Can i get smitha binoy number
  2. chandanda10
  3. amcor710
    amcor710 Allex
    Allex who did you see at the spa in Brampton
  4. Jasveer
    Jasveer sudiman2018feb
    Can u share Susmita contact
  5. MOGOD
    Always in the pursuit of a good experience.
  6. Pewpewpew
    Pewpewpew krayjee
    Hey kray. Can you gimme a pm? Love to share the girl you love so much with you. Chanel at candy
  7. Genius Chemist
    Genius Chemist Yk1982
    Bro Although I am a newbie, but need any good chick. Can you suggest me one ?? Please.
  8. summerin
    summerin VFMonger
    hey buddy, can you post me Varshas digits please. Thanks
  9. Jasveer
    Jasveer jaspreetbegum17
    Can u share Bhavna Vasai in exchange of Neha vasai
  10. summerin
    summerin Wood
    can you provide me details of MP's ( preferable -which provide B2B) or indies in Gurgaon. i am new here i can share details related to mumbai.
  11. summerin
    summerin tits sucker kg
    dude, what is name of spa in raheja mall. thanks
  12. vickyvicky
    vickyvicky Singhking777
    Hi singh.. Can u give me sp no in NL
  13. Dotanuki
    Dotanuki Big red
    Concerning Yuki. That's yes to both questions. Forever Spa is full menu. She works Sun and Mon.
  14. GARGAR
    GARGAR Boba123
    Natalia, Ania and Maryline contact info please
    Thank you
  15. super08
    super08 ladykiller07
    Bro kindly pm me khushi or lavanya phone no would be really helpful..!!I ll share some contacts if u need
  16. AmitP
    AmitP lustking85
  17. niceandnaughty
    niceandnaughty tormilkdude
    Greetings tormilkdude, I see Rehana reached out to you too. Did you end up seeing her? How about Selina? I went to see her right at 10am and some guy beat me to her. She asked me to come back in half hour which I did and she was with another guy. Long story short within the first 90 minutes she had seen 4 guys. Is she worth pursuing? Thanks and happy hobbying.
    1. tormilkdude
      I have not seen either...busy moving, but hope to get out and about next week...
      Dec 6, 2018 at 3:42 AM
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  18. LinaC
    cleanest spa in Scarborough- along with gorgeous attendants.
    1. admin
      that is bold statement, why don't you post pictures of your spa in our Classifieds section to back that statement up
      Dec 5, 2018
  19. LinaC
    All European girls;
  20. LinaC
    Come see me for a sexy, relaxing massage.