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    There are many forms of massage from tantric nuru and then some, but i wanted to know if erotic was just a form of selling a sexual service, My name is Sophia i am the owner of where our standards and reputation proceed us as offering the finest erotic massage in London. After hearing some of the shocking accounts our clients have disclosed about their previous experiences with other agencies, I have decided to whistleblow the real truth about what is going on in our industry and expose the underhanded tactics exhibited by some shady agencies in London and around the world.

    1. The Fake Pictures Scam
    The current trend with most agencies offering erotic massage is to use overly photoshopped pictures. They change everything from body shape, dress size and even the faces of the girls so they are totally unrecognisable upon meeting them. When you arrive at your booking you get the shock of your life that the lady looks nothing like her pictures at all!

    Some agencies even go as far as using fake pictures altogether that are not even the lady you are considering to visit. Their game plan is to attract you to the lady’s location and hope that even though she is obviously not the lady you saw in the picture, that you will stay anyway! This kind of scam is called a bait and switch, where the agency will bait you with one set of pictures and switch the lady with someone who looks moderately like her.

    2. Escorts With Bad Attitudes Pretending To Be Tantric Masseuses
    Many erotic agencies employ escorts and offer the to clients as tantric masseuses. Whats the problem with this? The issue is that escorts have a tendency to their rush services. This goes against the whole point of a tantric massage as you can imagine! This is also a sign of a lady who has no real idea about tantric massage or how to perform it properly.
    Most escorts are notorious for awful attitudes towards their clients. The proposed service offered to you is a relaxing positive long lasting tantric massage but in fact you get a negative rushed experience that you would rather forget.

    3. Awful Dirty Sub Standard Locations
    Most agencies have no interest or concern in the types of incall locations their ladies perform erotic massages That means awful dirty studio apartments, or even a rented room in a place where many massage providers work from. This means your massage will often be interrupted by the sound of other clients in the background. Not exactly the perfect bliss you were expecting right? So you decide to take a shower and are offered a tatty towel that looks more like a face towel than anything else and ushered into a grimy shower area where you can see the dirt and hairs from previous clients still evident in the shower you now stand in. An array of half used hair and shower products clutter the bathroom. This is the reality of what some massage agencies in London are selling to their clients as premium massage services.

    4. Badly Managed Unorganised Customer Support
    Many agencies employ very badly organised receptionists that have no real idea or interest in what they are doing. You can usually tell by the manner in which they speak and the total disinterest they have in your needs and requirements whilst you speak with them. This can result in an array of bad situations that you may suddenly find yourself in, such as being booked in with the wrong lady, arriving to find that there is also another client booked in at the same time as you, or the horror of passing a client leaving as you enter. These shoddy agencies tend to book clients in, send the address and then hope for the best. What would happen if you could not find the address you were looking for? Worse still can you imagine knocking on the door of the location to find that you have the wrong address altogether? These are the issues experienced by many clients who book erotic massage in London using these rogue agencies.

    5. Your Personal Information Is At Risk!
    In a world where privacy and discretion is an increasing issue it is shocking how most agencies take little care with your personal information. We have all heard the horror stories of what happened when the famous dating website Ashley Madison was hacked and clients sensitive data was shared across the internet. Your telephone number and booking information is often saved by these amateur agencies on throw away pay as you go telephones. If these were to be lost or stolen, your information would be in the hands of potentially anyone.

    6. Is the Service Legal?
    The truth is that many agencies offering erotic massage are run and controlled by unsavoury shady owners. The ladies may be sourced from abroad and not well versed in English or sometimes even aware they are destined for work as masseuses. These agencies often do not pay taxes and operate in an illegal manner in a world of drugs and extortion. Visiting locations with many girls actively working such as a massage parlour or spa is very risky, as they are by law deemed as brothels. Many of these establishments are raided by police often and are in essence illegal. The same goes for locations such as apartments where two or three ladies are working together sharing rooms. You should avoid these at all costs.

    please visit us at for a real safe, unrushed quality service

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