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  • I’ve been pm’ing a lot of you guys and I’m an mpa. :D
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    #55, Anonymous, Nov 16, 2018
  • I just started working at Bliss Wellness in Davisville Toronto :)
    Looking forward to being a naughty girl there ;-)
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    #44, Kacey, May 10, 2018
  • I fuck MPA's bare I just don't give a fuck
    #51, Anonymous, Oct 23, 2018
  • A blind MP told me I had a big penis yesterday. I think she was pulling my leg.
    #74, Anonymous, Dec 6, 2018
  • When I fly on airplanes I find it easier to piss in the sink
    #56, Guest, Nov 17, 2018
  • Seduction Spa on keele Street - North York Toronto. Ready for a really real review? Coming from a former "fake attendant" to start things off they hired me with zero background checks, no proof of ID of who I even was. No license nothing. I worked there for several shifts to see what it's all about. I will give advice for both the girls looking for a job there as well as the men that go there. To start girls, you will be lied to and manipulated. They will tell you to do whatever you are comfortable with, only to pressure you to go full service or they won't want you there anymore. You aren't protected, there's no way of knowing these men are STI free. The owner is a pervert and will ask you to preform nude body slides and a session on himself to see what youve got. The girls that work there well I did grow to really like the majority of them and I wish the best for them and hope they get out of such a terrible place and time in their lives.. most are unlicensed, some being underage. 90% of the girls are doing drugs in the back room such as cocaine. Some girls have stolen money and personal items from each other and then ran off to never be seen again. Working here is at your own risk. As for the men, you are sleeping with some girls that are unlicensed, that have not had STI checks done prior to hiring. Sleeping with girls that barley even know what's going on because they are so high on drugs and alcohol. The backroom is where all the girls will pick every little detail about your looks, your smell, your penis size and the look of it, your personal life details, every little detail about you is shared in the back room and not in a positive way. This spa should not be running and I hope you all will stay far far away!
    #49, Guest, Oct 21, 2018
  • I’ve fallen in love with giving surprise cim finishes. Some continue to catch every drop and enjoy it. Seeing the cum shoot into their mouths and drip out for the ones that pull away is sexy too. They’re mad up until I give them the nice tip.

    Repeat sessions go one of two ways. The girl knows what I want and takes my load nicely and gets the extra tip or she doesn’t finish our game properly and receives a minimal parting tip.
    #126, Anonymous, Jul 2, 2019
  • I have never seen a more disturbing website....
    full of vile loveless LOSERS who get their rocks off by being complete asshats either to or about ladies who are often working in an incredibly stressful environment to support their family or education. Not to mention the 'nice guys' who will talk as if they are good to the ladies then turn around and crack shitty jokes while asking the ladies to pm them .
    Buzzkill I'm looking straight at you.
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    #102, Guest, Mar 18, 2019
  • I feel uncomfortable doing this but I have no other way of saying this. I got scammed by sweetcheeks aka Leela from Vaughn spa. I tried to contact her to talk to her but she’s been avoiding me for months and I don’t want to keep messaging her or else she’s just going to make up an excuse to say that I message too much so that’s why I made sure I kept the texts to a minimum. I’ll let her think this over and if she cares about her rep she needs to be honest. So before posting my proof (screencaps/recording and much more)of what’s she done I’ll give her 1 last week before I post it on every social media available and contact the proper people to figure out a solution. That’s my confession about SweetCheeks aka Leela from Vaughan Spa. And last thing I want to say is that it’s not right to do this to anyone, because you have know idea how a person can react. It can be no reaction which she might think is happening or it could be a bad reaction like this person doesn’t give a fuck if it causes the other person to be outed. Plus there’s things that SBJ doesn’t know about Leela which would definitely ruin there friendship!!!! I got the proof and it will be posted Feb .1/2019 if she doesn’t do the right thing by then.
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    #91, Anonymous, Jan 25, 2019
  • You fucked top tier girls bb cip !? Hooray for you but you left out srm’s Annalise she loves to be cum filled more than anyone else
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    #88, Guest, Jan 12, 2019