Confession: #91

  • I feel uncomfortable doing this but I have no other way of saying this. I got scammed by sweetcheeks aka Leela from Vaughn spa. I tried to contact her to talk to her but she’s been avoiding me for months and I don’t want to keep messaging her or else she’s just going to make up an excuse to say that I message too much so that’s why I made sure I kept the texts to a minimum. I’ll let her think this over and if she cares about her rep she needs to be honest. So before posting my proof (screencaps/recording and much more)of what’s she done I’ll give her 1 last week before I post it on every social media available and contact the proper people to figure out a solution. That’s my confession about SweetCheeks aka Leela from Vaughan Spa. And last thing I want to say is that it’s not right to do this to anyone, because you have know idea how a person can react. It can be no reaction which she might think is happening or it could be a bad reaction like this person doesn’t give a fuck if it causes the other person to be outed. Plus there’s things that SBJ doesn’t know about Leela which would definitely ruin there friendship!!!! I got the proof and it will be posted Feb .1/2019 if she doesn’t do the right thing by then.
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    #91, Anonymous, Jan 25, 2019
    1. And how did this play out?
      Anonymous, Feb 1, 2019
    2. It's feb 3 . lol
      whatwhat2, Feb 4, 2019
    3. Yeah I thought to myself all I’m going to do is prove that she scammed me out of my money and the best I could do is discourage people from contacting her. But the negative thing about that plan is she can deny and say my proof is photoshopped and it would just be us going back and forth and that’s too much of my time I’m wasting on a junkie thief aka Leela (wait for the proof) But then I came up with a better idea. How can I get that thief to admit her mistakes, that’s easy just get her friends against her. SO with that being said....who wants to see dirty videos of SBJ/Juliet/Priya/Audrey/Navaeh and so many more. And she’s starting at Allegra agency and those girls will be pissed to know she’s at fault for has happened am I right Willow and Brea? Now if some trusted member on the site wants to leave a comment about me just talking bs, all you got to do is leave an email address (only trusted ppl) and I’ll send screncaps of the first video I’ll be posting any every porn website known to date.

      Girls of Seduction/Vaughn spa and Allegra you can thank Leela for this stuff being leaked
      Anonymous, Feb 5, 2019
    4. Don’t believe me? Ask Jamie about her leaked video. Have a good day fellas
      Anonymous, Feb 5, 2019
    5. LMAO I LAUGHED SO HARD. Firstly, whatever reason you want to adress Leela regarding you getting scammed is on you, but please do not bring my name into this as well as black mailing to post videos online without my consent. That is 100% illegal, you are aware that non consensual distribution of intimate images are taken very seriously to the law. It is emotionally and mentally stressful to be threatened by someone due to the fact of a petty mis understanding over money? It’s money, get over it, it comes and goes. We should grow up and learn to deal with these matters like mature adults rather than threatening to post photos and videos which I must add again is illegal.
      sweetbabyjamie, Feb 7, 2019
    6. ^Laughing with you
      If anyone ever wonders why more ladies don't do this example right here!!!!
      SweetCheeks, Feb 7, 2019
    7. Did you guys see Leelas 3sum Video?? Didn’t know she was bbfs provider!!! A guy pounds her friend while she rides his face and they switch. Man I came like 10 times already to that video and it made me want to see Leela so bad now....but with a condom ofcourse Lmfao
      Anonymous, Feb 13, 2019
    8. Where is it at???
      Bordencolf, Feb 17, 2019
    9. It’s on pornhub,if I post the link then it’s obviously going to take it down. But it’s 3esy t0 f1nd believe me lolllll
      Anonymous, Feb 20, 2019
    10. This has got to be a joke.....
      If there is any video actually posted online of me Im asking anyone who sees it to send me the link.
      This is disgusting behavior and im actually in shock thinking that someone thinks they have the right to post videos of girls without our permission.
      SweetCheeks, Feb 21, 2019
    11. I saw it and have the link to the video favourited on my pornhub account. Leela I know your mad about the video which you have every right to be but damnnnnn you nasty Who was that other girl with you if you don’t mind me asking
      Anonymous, Feb 27, 2019
    12. I found it finally...Leela U dirty little minx u! Didn’t know u allowed bbfs, not my thing but when both of u are bent over and the guy is just going in and out of both of u that looked like so much fun. I’m not sure who the other girl in the video is too but I’d fuck her. The guy posted a new video today too of just a bbbj with Leela. She’s smoking and sucks dick looks hot! Leela ur my favourite pornstar imma have to record a clip next time we fuck.
      Anonymous, Feb 28, 2019
    13. Hmm, trying to look for it, any "tips" on what to type?
      Anonymous, Feb 28, 2019
    14. someone pissed someone off ,wow you girls gotta realize that you can't fuck people over and think you'll get away with it.
      yeah it's illegal to posting the video, but they can upload it using a VPN or a proxy server and you'll never know who did it.
      Hopefully for your sake, he didn't, but if he did, obviously you did something to piss him off. Nobody wins in a situation like this.
      Anonymous, Feb 28, 2019
    15. The guy is selling the video on his pornhub page now for $7.99 usd lol. Luckily I saved the video before he he took it off as public video and is now making people buy it now. He also posted he’s got a video of another girl so I’m checking every second for that to be posted lol. I know this is a dick move by me not posting the link, but I read his story on his page and I feel for the fucker so I’ll let him do his thing for now without spoiling it for him. I have a few friends on here who want it and I’ll be sending the links to them. As soon as he stops posting stuff, I’ll send you guys links to everything through this confession
      Anonymous, Mar 4, 2019