Confession: #85

  • Went Tues to hollywood spa and saw cici for 1/2 hour. Guess it wasn't long enough for a woman of her perceived stature. In my mine I saw her and said to myself whatever it takes I will be a regular. First she sprayed me down with hand clean. Recited the menu. Guess I did not pick enough appetizers and the rest of the session was horrible and rushed. Felt like garbage. First she wanted extra to take shirt off. Wouldn't even look at me. I finally had enough and she could not wait to get me out of there to be replaced with cash filled idiots. You know it's about the money only. But in my humble experience most can fake it pretty good. Instead of leaving a healthy tip, I gave her what she ask for. She looked at me and almost asked for more but I guess she could sence the next words out of my mouth would be fuck you. 1/10:( :hot not
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    #85, Anonymous, Jan 9, 2019