Confession: #53

  • I never go it up at the massage parlour :( :( :( TWICE and im a young guy. Feel weak as fuck. The first time i stayed with a girl named lia. She felt bad for me, after the body rub she hugged, kissed me. iI guess that was nice.:( :( :( :(
    #53, Anonymous, Nov 9, 2018
    1. happened to me once or twice I just didn't connect with her on a sensual level. No big deal
      Goose, Nov 9, 2018
    2. are you sure that you are not gay?
      vpofbg, Nov 25, 2018
    3. It's very common.
      - Don't click
      - Don't find her attractive
      - She smells
      - She seems way too easy
      - On auto-pilot
      - Not enough teasing
      - Says Baby or Honey too much
      - She's bad at faking being horny
      - Asks you to hurry and cum
      - Wants to get paid before doing service
      Anonymous, Nov 26, 2018