Confession: #102

  • I have never seen a more disturbing website....
    full of vile loveless LOSERS who get their rocks off by being complete asshats either to or about ladies who are often working in an incredibly stressful environment to support their family or education. Not to mention the 'nice guys' who will talk as if they are good to the ladies then turn around and crack shitty jokes while asking the ladies to pm them .
    Buzzkill I'm looking straight at you.
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    #102, Guest, Mar 18, 2019
    1. But a guy cruising the web looking for disturbing websites to trash is NOT a loser??
      Anonymous, Mar 18, 2019
    2. I have never seen a more disturbing website.... ?????
      Jah, you have not look at all, This site is chump change compared to what you can find out there.
      Besides what we do here , how is that different that what people are doing to each other out there
      Anonymous, Mar 21, 2019
    3. What stand up guy
      Buzzkill, Mar 27, 2019
    4. i love buzzkill
      he tells it
      like it is
      Anonymous, Mar 29, 2019