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Wooden Combs/Gift Sets

Combing your hair with wooden comb will gently massage your scalp, increase blood flow and spread sebum produced in your scalp evenly giving you a healthy hair growth.

Neem combs especially are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature, helps reducing dandruff and maintains scalp health. It is non static, promotes hair growth and the wide tooth smooth rounded tips prevents hair breakage and gently detangles your hair. Great for all hair types and for people who have sensitive scalp. Follow Login • Instagram Precious_treasure_store on Instagram or Facebook on Precious Treasure Store and receive 15% off for your purchases. Message us for more details

Comb Care tips: Gently clean it with some shampoo and tooth brush to remove grease if you see stubborn dirt or grease accumulated. Clean it with a dry cloth and keep in a dry area.
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