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Rest with Lomi Lomi Massage

I AM LICENSED COMPASSIONATE MASSAGE PRACTITIONER focused on your health, results & relief of your pains and stress operating in York.


Please peruse www.IntelligentBodyMassage.com Video testimonial:
By appt 10am to 8pm near Weston Train Station PARKING IS FREE, near weston train station


-Very effective Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian origins), -acupressure for pain/stress relief + -reflexology of head, feet and hands -energy massage and scan to help know your cause -non-intrusive external Prostate massage (TO REDUCE YOUR URINARY SYMPTOMS!), -Men's Health Professional Massage Therapies -Thai massage help you stretch/mobilize

We provide long-lasting RESULTS BY focusing on the cause thus solutions via the body's self-capacity to self-heal and a stronger body-mind connection and better flow. We support your health and quality of life with RESTORATIVE MASSAGE for men and women! If you are tired of just a massage that lasts for an hour or 1 day, we understand that you may seek more value.

Please do not call for BS massage such as full body massage with no therapeutic value or ask for services that i have not listed.

POLICY: 24-hour notification is needed for cancellations. ************************************************************************ DO YOU WANT TO BE A SELF-HEALING MASSAGE PRACTITIONER?

WE OFFER A FEW PEOPLE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHADOW MY SELF-HEALING BODYWORK and also help your clients to relieve more and more pain and stress as the clients learn another level of relaxation response and restoration. You can learn self-healing with an experential course including LOMI LOMI basic techniques and pain relief of back and shoulder. THIS IS TECHNIQUE BASED BUT WILL BE DEEPENING WITH THE BODY LANGUAGE IN PART 2. MANY STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO LEVERAGE THIS 3000 YEAR OLD HEALING MODALITY AND ARE JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS WITHOUT LEVERAGING HOW THE BODY WORKS, HEALS AND SPEAKS. Please book a 15 min chat to start learning about this opportunity. If you cannot, this is not for you. Like all new things there is a learning curve. HAVE A GOOD DAY
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