Oriental Acupressure Massage School: Massage/ Naturopath courses

Oriental Acupressure Massage School: Massage/ Naturopath courses


Oriental Acupressure Massage School - located in downtown Montreal, has serviced the public over 16 years. We offer different intensive massage and naturopath courses, certified diploma, private teaching, theory and practice combination, free practice, flexible schedule, teaching in English, French, and Chinese, the fee is $160/per course, please call 514 9540049, text 514 6639850, 10am-7pm/7 days

> Introduction Chinese Acupressure Massage > Intermediate Chinese Acupressure Massage > Advanced Chinese Acupressure Massage > Chinese Meridians and Acupoints > Chinese Dietary Therapy > Swedish Massage > Hot Stone Massage > Ear Candle with Head Lymph Massage > Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage > Chair Massage > Cupping Therapy > Gua Sha Therapy: Body > Gua Sha Therapy: Facial > Foot Reflexology > Head Reflexology > Face and Head Reflexology > Anatomy Course: Skeletal And Muscular System > Chinese Child Massage > Moxa Treatment (Moxibustion) > Muscle Energy Technique (Osteopathy)
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