Neuropathy & Heel Spurs Pain, tingling - Foot Pain

Neuropathy & Heel Spurs Pain, tingling - Foot Pain


Neuropathy, Heel Spurs , Plantar Fasciitis? Do you have Foot Pain due to cramps, loss of feeling in foot or leg? There is hope, FREE Consultation, Indicate Date and time to talk. Are you Diabetic? tingling in the feet? Guarantee, if protocol is followed!! (past patients been healed with same method) All this can be easily healed with the proper protocol. Specific foot massage, daily massage is needed and is possible. Contact me today!

SET Up your FREE 15-minute consultation Today; 1 year for neuropathy patients (monthly machine rental or purchase options) = 1 pay or monthly payment plan; 3 - 5 month needed for heel spurs patients (affordable monthly machine rentals) My consultation is FREE, The Machine rental for massage will have a monthly cost. This will be covered in the consultation. Understand that it took years to hurt / abuse your body to have it in this condition. The healing process can be 3-5 months or even 1 year. Regardless, If you follow my protocol you will see results in less than 1 month. We will cover these details in the consultation. SET Up your FREE 15-minute consultation Today
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