good looking hot big breast

  1. skytntsun
    this is not the first time I've seen Mika. I'm a face fucker and Mika is definitely MCOT in terms of her look. She is came from Taiwan with a high wow factor if you see her on the street. I can say she is one of the nice girl with a very pretty face that other is hard to beat. I've seen her long time when she was work in Honey Spa. Back than she was more friendly and more GFE/Girl next door type.

    Nowadays, she had changed a lot. She is more pretty nowaday and knows how to make you happy. She'd also gained a little
    weight than before and looks more healthier, she was too skinny a while back. Nobody is perfect, Mika has no exception. She had transformed herself into PSE(Porn Star Experience) more these days.

    However, I do keep repeating her because she is really pretty no doubt. So there will be a trade off for pretty face.
    I admit she also has a good massage skills. but i more love her body.
    If you haven't try her before, than wanna try a good service, you should at least try once as she is GOOD!!!