Massage therapy- 2 spots this Saturday for cash clients only!

Massage therapy- 2 spots this Saturday for cash clients only!


Hello, My name is Kristine, I am a Registered Massage Therapist located in Halifax and the owner of Massage Roots Holistic Care. I offer professional massage treatments in my studio in Bedford & also mobile massage in HRM.

Mobile massage allows my guests to enjoy the luxuries of a spa in the comfort or their home or office. With this service I provide everything, including fresh linens; table, oil & even the music!

I offer a Swedish/Thai treatment that combines both Swedish and Thai massage modalities into one healing treatment or if stretching doesn’t do it for you ask for Swedish.

Swedish massage is the most common style of treatment practiced in the Western world, commonly used to increase circulation, Which can help facilitate faster healing throughout the body and to break up adhesion that may be impairing mobility. This style of healing is commonly done on a massage table; this is where Thai Massage is unique.

Thai massage is typically done on the floor, it is an accent stretching technique preformed by your therapist. Thai is a great way to stretch the body so that it reaches its most optimum Range of motion.

My hours are Monday to Friday 11-3 Some Saturday mornings are available apon request.

Prices: Mobile one hour $135. Studio one hour 95.

Billing and receipts available

Please feel free to contact me by text or pm with any questions you may have. I do not answer phone calls.

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