Male Massage

Male Massage


thanks for your interest, i am available during midday, evenings, and weekends, i am a fit 30s gay male offering a swedish relaxational full body massage on a massage table The rates for massage are $65/hour or $90 for an hour and a half. Mark 416-659-9315 [email protected]

My massage studio is very Zen… minimalistic, clean lines, elements from mother earth and colored with earth tones. I believe creating a place of sanctuary is just as important as amazing massage techniques. I frequently cleanse the energy in the room with sage and the smell of lavender and sometimes frankincense. One of my favorite compliments from clients as they walk into my massage space is “awww I feel better already.” I believe deep pressure can be applied in a deep yet gentle style which will harmonize the body and mind with body's natural desire to release tension. My typical approach toward deep work is to isolate the tense muscle(s), apply deep and sustained pressure first with my thumb, then with my forearm and if needed my elbow for deeper work. Gradually applying sustained pressure creates more stress on the muscle gently convincing the muscle to release the tension. I frequently include energy work in my sessions. It's common for me to pause and hold a constant posture on a specific area of the body for a few moments taking the energetic flow to a deeper and more trance like level. This process is very intuitive to me. I don't really think about it… or consciously try to make it happen.
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