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Learn certified Relaxation massage or Indian Head/face massage

Please read on. I can also travel to teach you in Newmarket, Aurora or East Gwillimbury. You can learn to add a new modality to your existing business. Or just starting out! that is fine too. Want to work on your family and friends that is great. When done you will receive a certificate. Mary has years of experience in the holistic field and is spreading her knowledge. What is Indian Head Massage This treatment has been practised for thousands of years and is also known as Champissage. It is a form of a relaxing massage or healing massage which focuses on the face, head, neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms. It can be done with the client sitting in a chair or lying down and the therapists heels of hands are used and applied mostly in a gentle circle motion counter clockwise and clockwise. Such a fantastic relaxing and healing massage for just about anyone. Other courses that I teach is Holistic Relaxation massage,Indian Face massage, Chakra balancing, Colour therapy meditation and an Aromatherapy self interest course Please visit www.insideoutholistictherapies.ca for more info on my other courses or www.litixel.ca You are also welcomed to call or text at 905-251-0129
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