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Noor’s home spa business in Northeast As a certified Esthetician, I have been in the business for more than 10 years. I provide services in Urdu and English. My services are mainly Facials, Massages, Waxing and Skin lightening. All of my products are exclusively of European and Italian brands. I offer the best of services in a professional manner so my clients expect and receive the best of treatment. I accept walk-ins and appointments. My services are for LADIES ONLY! How I perform a facial: 1) Cleanser 2)Toner 3)Exfoliating 4)Serum 5) Massage 6) Mask HERBAL FACIAL $40 (Made of natural herbs, this facial will cure your acne or any related skin problems) GOLD FACIAL $40 (This facial prevents aging, wrinkles, and increases the skin’s elasticity. As well as improves blood circulation and brightens up the skin) WHITENING AND BRIGHTENING FACIAL $40 (This facial improves skin tone, smooth’s and brightens skin as well as minimizes the appearance of sun and age spots) PEARL FACIAL $40 (removes excess oil, shrinks pores, and makes skin soft and translucent. As well as brightens the skin by removing a tan) WAXING Upper lip $8 Forehead $10 Neck $20 Brows $10 Chin $8 Cheeks $10 Half legs $25 Full legs $40 Underarm $15 Half arm $20 Full arm $30 FACE $35 Bikini $25 Massage Swedish massage $50 Steps for massage: 1. Effleurage (improves circulation and has a soothing effect) 2. Petrissage 3. Tapotements 4. Frictions 5. Vibrations Stone Massage $50 This massage is melts away any tension in your body. It eases any stiffness you have and increases circulation as well as the metabolism Bleaching/ Skin lightening face starting $10
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