Head Massage - Clinical

Head Massage - Clinical


Disclaimer: This is not S3xual activity, so if you're looking for something else, plx stay away.

Hi, I am a physiotherapist from India. I'm offering the head massage for those in need. If you're taking a lot of stress, have migrane, aura or just tired, come and take a head massage for reasonable price. The massage will be available to couples or females. Discount will be available to those who want to book on weekly/monthly basis, to group bookings. End up your day with a relaxing light head massage.

Benefits: - good for hair growth - provides relief from insomnia, headache or stress symptoms - detoxify the body and improve lymphatic drainage - fight the fatigue - renews the energy - gives a good night sleep - prevents premature grey hairs - release soft tissue of neck

Please, contact for price by replying to this ad.

Available slots: - Weekdays (Early morning - between 7-9am) - Weekdays (Evening - after 7pm) - Weekend (Please contact)
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