Energy Healing - When nothing else works

Energy Healing - When nothing else works


Are you suffering from pain that can't be removed by massage or other forms of therapy?

Pain can be a cruel debilitating thing, and we have been there before. Our energy and crystal healing is borne of meditation that was designed to help this healer fix problems for himself for the past 25+ years, but more recently for people who were near and dear to us. We couldn't resist the feeling of watching that sense of relief that washed over people who have no other options.

And we would like to share what we found through healing - at no cost to you - if we can't do anything to help during our regular office hours... (Conditions apply - see our website)

Our office is conveniently centrally located for now - but we may not have an office for long - unless you are interested in visiting.

We are specialized in removal/reduction of sciatica and joint pain. We can take care of other issues too.

We are currently holding a two week Easter special for those of you who would like to try this out, but were worried about the high prices holding you back.

We charge $60 (20% off of $75), for an initial 45 minute consultation with up to 20-25 minutes of assessment and healing work. About 90% of our customers only require this work. Our software booking also helps reduce the time we require to chat on the issues you face, prior to your arrival.

Our per 1/2 hour work is at $40 (50% off).

Our office hours are on Mondays: 10AM -6PM. Out of office hours for healing may be arranged - however, they need to be confirmed first with us.

Payments can be made by cash, credit or debit using tap or chip - And, very importantly, we offer a money-back guarantee (see website: conditions apply) depending on what you buy... Don't pay for snake oil salespeople.

Check our website out here: (or call/text (613) 262-9168) Alternative Healer | Healing without medication
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